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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Drabble: A Mammoth Problem

Title: A Mammoth Problem

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, mentions Jack and the team.

Rating: PG

Written For: Challenge 317 – Mammoth at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Ianto’s not letting Jack keep what’s come through the Rift this time!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Ianto paced back and forth, talking to Jack on comms., occasionally stopping to check something on the computers. He wished he was out there with the team, but someone had to remain behind to monitor the situation, especially since Tosh and Owen were taking time off with their new daughter.

“Jack! Jack, listen to me… No! We can’t keep the baby Mammoth! Baby Mammoths don’t stay little; they grow into bloody huge adult Mammoths! No! It would not make Myf feel more at home!”

Ianto groaned; he was getting a headache.

Why couldn’t it have been a puppy for once?

The End


Haha, I can just hear Jack's voice begging Ianto to keep the mammoth! He's such a child! Thank God there's Ianto to keep him in line! :D
Jack's wheedling won't work on Ianto, he's made of sterner stuff! Plus, he has sense. Mini Mammoths may be cute, but they don't stay that way!

Thank you!
I cannot laugh .... I'd have asked Ianto the same thing *g*
I remembered asking my father for a giraffe when I was three.
Lol! Jack's a little older than three though, he should know better!

Thank you!
Yes, but we all know that most of the time Jack ACTS like he's three...

(sorry to butt in, I just had to)
People are always welcome to join in conversations here =)

Yes, Jack has got so old that he goes through childhood quite frequently, lol!
Now I want a story where Myf rides around on a mammoth's back! Nosy could go along too, but I'm afraid he'd get buried in the mammoths' fur. LOL!
LOL! I don't know, Mammoths strike me as being rather unpredictable, I'm not sure the Torchwood pets wopuld be safe!

Thank you!
Poor Ianto!!!
Loved it!!!
Big hug!!!
It's hard to deal with Jack sometimes, he wants to keep everything cool that comes through the Rift!

Thank you! *hugs back*
*gigglesnort* And on top of all that, guess who will end up cleaning up after it? Ianto's right to put his foot down! ;)
Definitely! And anyway, would you want to care for something with tusks that long? It might be small and cute now, but give it a few years...

Thank you!
Must be hard Ianto always having to be the adult.
He's the youngest member of the team, but he's the most mature so he's stuck with keeping the rest of them in line. Sometimes I thionk he's the only one with any common sense!

Thank you!
You can't blame Ianto for putting his foot down when he'd be the one taking care of it. Especially when caring for it includes not only feeding it, but cleaning up what comes out the other end.
True, but where would they even keep it once it started growing? Assuming Ianto could come up with a suitable substitute for mammoth milk and was able to keep it alive. They may be cute when they're little, but they need a lot more care too.

Thank you!
lol just like Jack to want to keep the mammoth, tho the hub would be big enough Im sure.

great story.
A mammoth would need a LOT of space, miles and miles of space, and how would you hide a fully grown one? They were bigger than elephants, with huge tusks. This is just a baby, still needs its mother's milk, so it's best to send it home as soon as possible.

Thank you!
Aww, I bet the baby mammoth is so cute! :-)
Adorably cute, which is why Jack wants to keep it. Ianto's more sensible though - where do you get Mammoth milk in Cardiff?

Thank you!