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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Ianto Little Smile

Drabble: Task Completed!

Title: Task Completed!

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, mentions Jack

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 317 – Mammoth at tw100

Spoilers: Not really.

Summary: Ianto has finally done it!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: My fifth drabble for this challenge, and it’s one of those rare ‘100 words first try’ successes – Ianto would be so proud! =D

Ianto set the last box on the final shelf and stepped back, dusting his hands off and smiling in satisfaction. It had taken him nearly two years of working every minute he could spare, but the mammoth task he’d begun when he first joined Torchwood Three was finally finished.

Every alien artefact and time-displaced object was labelled and in the correct place on the shelves, every paper report was cross-referenced, scanned into the computer system and properly filed. The archives were finally in order.

Grabbing a carefully hoarded bottle of champagne, he headed to find Jack; celebrations were in order.

The End


Lol job well done Ianto
Ianto's very proud of himself, considering the mess he started out with! I'm sure Jack will reward him for his hard work ;)

Thank you!

Until Owen gets it into his head to play a joke and goes in to re-arrange things...

Oh wait, I don't think Owen is that stupid. LOL!
Owen probably isn't quite that stupid, but just in case, the archives are now locked, and Ianto has the only keys. The team can only get as far as Ianto's office =)

Thank you!
Jack needs to treat Ianto to week's vacation in the stars and a lovely dinner for each night. (Not touching anything else! :D )

You are really inventive with your stories too, especially with words for the tasks!
*grins* Thank you! I like words =)

Jack really does need to give Ianto a treat after all that hard work, but Ianto's afraid that if he went away the others would mess up his archives, lol!

Oh dear, Ianto. You had better be careful, or else they'll get out of order again...
He's put a nice new lock on the door and a big sign reading KEEP OUT ON PAIN OF CHEAP INSTANT DECAF FOR LIFE! He's not taking any chances.

Thank you!
Ooh, he's really serious this time. Well, good. I worked in a library once, I know how important order is to finding things!
I worked in a library too. The students deliberately misfiled books they wrre using so they could find them but other students couldn't. Students are sneaky - I had to be sneakier!

Ianto is even sneakier than me!

With as long as it took Torchwood to make the mess, I'm surprised he's gotten done with it in less than a decade.
Ianto is dedicated and relentless, he's spent every moment he can spare sorting, classifying, etc, wolrking systematically through everything. He may have had a secret weapon, but that's something that will be introduced in a fic that I haven't finished yet, which started as a drabble and is now a fic being written in drabbles ;)

Thank you!
he must be sooo happy that task it finished, great drabble.
He's ecstatic - his daily workload just dropped by about 40% LOL!

Thank you!
Well done! the job is done and you have another job to do!
There's always more for Ianto to do, but the REALLY big job is done, now it's just a matter of keeping it in order.

Thank you!
*giggles* Mammoth task - what a nice idea for that challenge! :D
*grins* It's the only way to describe the job of sorting out Torchwood Three's Archives!

Thank you!
I can indentify with that *lol* XD
Quite a lot of people can, lol! Jack is relieved to know he's not alone!

Thank you!
only champagne??
I'd be fireworks and more for this famous fire.
A statutory holiday?
LOL! Ianto will settle for champagne and Jack.

Thank you!
All right, Ianto! Way to go! :D
He's very pleased with himself! It was hard work, but so worth it. Now he and Jack can celebrate in style!

Thank you!
That is definitely worth celebrating! :-D
Ianto agrees, now he just had to convince Jack - which shouldn't be diffcult!

Thank you!