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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Drabble: Monstrous Beastie

Title: Monstrous Beastie

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Ianto

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 317 – Mammoth at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Jack is confronted by something horrible and needs rescuing.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: My sixth drabble for this challenge.

“IANTO!” Jack’s voice came through the comms., sounding more than a little panicked.

“Jack? What’s up?”

“I could really use your help here!”

“On my way.” Ianto drew his gun and set off at a run. “What is it?”

“Don’t know, but it’s big! No, huge, enormous, immense, massive, humongous, of mammoth proportions…”

“Okay, okay, I get the picture.” Ianto just hoped his handgun would be enough firepower to deal with this monster. He skidded to a halt beside Jack, looking around. “Where is it?”

“There,” Jack quavered, pointing.

Ianto looked and burst out laughing.

“Jack, it’s a stick insect!”

The End


*giggle* Ja-ack! XD Are you always going to make Ianto deal with your problems? You are old enough to deal with them yourself, you know!
Jack's pouting now. And whining "I don't like creepy crawlies!"

*pets Jack* It's a good thing he has Ianto to protect him from the things that make him go all wibbly!

Thank you!
I'm dying laughing here. I go through this at home every time there's a spider bigger than a fruit fly, and that includes the SO.

You know, if it was bigger, Jack would probably just think, "Oh, alien. I've never had sex with one of these before." He'd be checking it out for orifices and appendages. And calling Ianto to see if he wanted to do a threesome.
Exactly! It's only the 'big' creepy crawlies that do Jack in, he hates things like that, but if it was man-sized, he'd be flirting so hard!

I'm the go to person for creepy crawlies around here, though big spiders creep me out I still have to deal with. They're the only things that bother me though, I used to keep stick insects.

Thank you!
Jack, I feel your pain! I keep 6 cans of bug spray in my place because these damn waterbugs that are as big as a baby's size 2 shoe are constantly invading my place; if its not them, its the damn thousand-leggers or the daddy long-leg spiders. I go nowhere without my can of bug spray!! Good thing my hubby took his air rifle; I used to shoot the damn roaches off the highest point of the wall and got good at making them ricochet off one wall into another. It was a little messy but I can deal with a teeny bit of mess. I hate waterbugs though! Be nice, Ianto. I'm sure you have a few bug quirks too :D
Ianto's one of those people who isn't scared of anything like that. He dislikes slugs on general principle, because they're slimy, but they don't scare him.

Jack just doesn't like creepy crawlies, full stop. Unless they're man-sized. LOL!

The only things that bother me are big spiders, and possibly hornets, but I've only seen one of those once.

Thank you!

I'm with Jack on this, those things can get enormous!
LOL! I had stick insects for years, they're amazing! The only thing I can't stand is big spiders, other creepy crawlies are no problem.

Thank you!
OMG! he can go hand in hand with my daughter and her problem to measure things, everything is enormous to her and she is 1.60m tall!
Things that give you the creeps always seem a lot bigger than they really are!

Thank you!
Jack and his unfortunate bug phobia... *laughs*
But it had sticky legs and wiggly antennae! It was creepy!

Poor Jack - fearless with weevils, but bugs creep him out. Thankfully, Ianto is made of sterner stuff!

Thank you!
Well, sometimes those creatures get very big indeed...
Ianto will always be there to save Jack from scary monsters like that! :D
Some species really are big, and if they scare you, they look even bigger, lol! Thankfully, Ianto has no fear of such monsters!

Thank you!
lol oh Jack isnt gonna live this down.

great drabble.
Ianto will tease him about it, but only in private, lol!

Thank you!
Aah! I can relate. I'm terrified of spiders and big creepy crawlies. I saw a stick insect at the Adelaide Botanical Gardens recently, and wanted to scream and run away. Poor Jack. I know how he feels, hehe.
I had stick insects as pets up until a few years ago, I think they're cute. Most creepy crawlies don't bother me, but big spiders are a different matter! *shudders*

Thank you!
ROFL! Jack can face down Abaddon with nothing but a grunt and a grimace, but a stick insect leaves him cowering!

Love it! :D

(I personally think those things are cool. Also cicadas, click beetles, spiders, and all sorts of other bugs. AS you can imagine, that makes me the designated bug-catcher whenever something shows up in the house!)

Edited at 2014-07-24 01:54 am (UTC)
Jack's scared of things that are too small to flirt with...

I kept stick insects for several years, they're amazing, very stick-like. The only creepies that really bother me are big spiders, I like everything else, especially beetles. Founs a big beetle on its back and tangled in spiders web the other week. It's nice being able to rescue critters like that. I think it was a female stag beetle.

Thank you!
*grins* Thank you!
I don't blame Jack. Those things creep me out!
Awww! I had stick insects for years, they're cute!

Thank you!
Aww poor Jack, Ianto shouldn't laugh. (At least not until Jack has left the room).
I'm afraid I'd be laughing! I kept stick insects for years!

Thank you!