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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Jack - Ianto Be Naked

Drabble: A Merry Heatwave

Title: A Merry Heatwave

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Ianto, Team

Rating: G

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Jack decides there’s a bright side to be found to anything, if you look at it the right way.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: For the prompt ‘A Merry Heatwave’, one of the prompts I didn’t get around to using for tw100’s challenge 288 last year. I’ve dug them out again to supplement the prompts I got from my f-list, just because there are still loads I wanted to use.

Cardiff was sweltering in an unexpected, un-seasonal heatwave. It was so hot even the Weevils were keeping to the sewers, where it was cooler. The Rift was still spitting out random objects though, meaning the team couldn’t stay below ground in the relative cool of the Hub all the time.

They were all hot, tired and irritable as they trooped back to the SUV lugging the latest piece of Rift debris, part of a spaceship navigation system. It weighed a ton.

“When we get back, I’m taking a long, cold shower,” Ianto muttered.

Jack grinned.

Maybe things were looking up!

The End


Finally something to look forward to, right, Jack? ;) Ianto doesn't even know what he's getting himself into! xD
Or does he? Ianto sees and knows all, maybe he's up for some fun in the shower so he's dropping a gentle hint in the hope Jack catches on. ;)

Thank you!
Wouldn't the cold water put a damper on things?

Oh wait, this is Jack we're talking about... *laughs*
I think they're both feeling hot enough that the cold water would barely have any effect at all, lol!

Thank you!
That's our Jack, always looking on the bright side.
Naked Ianto is always a good thing in Jack's books! There are so many possibilities with a naked Ianto!

Thank you!
I think Ianto taking a cold shower may get him even more hot and bothered.

Great drabble.
You could be right! Guess he'll just have to take another cold shower afterwards, lol!

Thank you!

Edited at 2014-07-26 03:46 pm (UTC)
Naked Ianto always improves Jack's day!

Thank you!
Right Ianto, 'cold' shower! Not with Jack involved!! :D :D :D
Yeah, Jack can make even a cold shower steamy!

Thank you!
How long will it be cold with Jack ogling Ianto?
Not very long - things will soon get steamy!

Thank you!
Mmm naked Ianto... :-)
And presumably naked Jack too as he is bound to join him... :-)
Oh yes, Jack thinks the best way to view naked Ianto is up close! I predict a shared shower!

Thank you!