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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Drabble: Nostalgia

Title: Nostalgia

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack

Rating: G

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Jack didn’t always dress the way he does now…

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: For fanbot’s prompt ‘70's fashions’.

Sprawled on the sofa, Jack and Ianto leafed through some old photos Ianto had found in the archives.

“Ah, nostalgia!” Jack sighed. “I remember those days well.”

“What the hell are you wearing there? It’s hideous!”

“Hey! They were very popular in the seventies. Everyone was wearing them.”

Ianto stared at him in disbelief. Jack shrugged.

“You had to be there.”

“Thankfully, I wasn’t born yet!”

“Pity. You would have looked cute in a leisure suit.”

That earned Jack a glare.

“Over my dead body! I have good taste.”

Jack kissed him.

“You do taste good!”

“Not what I meant!”

The End


LOL I would have loved to see Ianto or jack for that matter in a leasure suit.

great drabble
I wonder if even Jack could manage to look good in one of those monstrosities?

Thank you!
*shakes head* behave jack.
Jack though he WAS behaving! LOL!

Thank you!
Jack will never be able to convince Ianto to dress up in 70's gear. Which is a shame. I think he'd totally rock it!
Some things weren't too bad (I grew up in the 60s and 70s) but leisure suits were just hideous, even Ianto wouldn't look good in one of those.

Thank you!
Of course Jack is going to put his own spin on it in an attempt to get him some Ianto lovin'.
Jack is shameless and never mises an opportunity, lol!

Thank you!
Ianto do not let Jack talk you into wearing a leisure suit no matter what kind of hot monkey sex he promises you. Shivers in fear.
Ianto will put his foot down, no matter how hard Jack tries to persuade him! He has his pride and dignity - they may be a bit battered but he values them too much to stoop to such horror!

Thank you!
I just wonder what Jack's color combinations would have been...I do remember those leisure suits and sometimes I wondered if they had a mirror before going out! Poor scandalized Ianto! Jack could be on decaf for a week for his insinuation!
Knowing Jack, probably tiger striped or leopardskin print!

Looking back, 70s fashions make me cringe worse than any other era!

Thank you!
OMG...yes, Jack would go with tiger stripes! I've cringed and tried to avoid asking but did you see that picture of John at the Games in the purple/blue block print suit? I can't get that out of my head and its been "playing" with my beads... I'm trying to work the pattern out with those colors... between that one and a gold one I saw him in, he's got one heck of a good tailor but his color patterns are ... unusual? to say the least. It looked and fit him very well but its seriously unforgettable!
I saw it - my brain is still seeing it, like it's been etched there. I think JB likes to dazzle, lol! I'm not too fond of some of the things he wears, but they certainly draw the eye!

Having said that, I love purple and blue together (or purple and shocking pink) they look great when crafting, just not what I'd choose for a suit...
ROTFL!!!! Oh, you have no idea how much I'm still cringing; I saved that picture because as a tailoring student, I just cannot believe there's a fabric that looks like that! That ain't just dazzling, I think he'd try to pull that off on Arrow if it hadn't been for the costume designer and Lord, that boy cleans up beautifully!! Those colors, though, are really playing with my beads and a potential design...
The colours were the best part, just please NOT on a suit. Suit one colour, shirt the other - different matter. Or even a tie done in smaller checks in those colours.

Hope the bead design works out.
I didn't see it... I feel I've missed out! :-(
He does wear some ... Interesting ... suits which nobody else could get away with!
'Tis here, my dear!


You might want t wear dark glasses for the viewing, lol!
That is an insane suit!
Love the shoes though :-)

Thanks for the link - you are a star :-)
JB does wear some outrageous suits. I wonder at his taste in clothes sometimes - I have visions on Scott going "You're not wearing THAT are you? I'm going to pretend I'm not with you if you do!"

I subscribe to the barrowmanfans community so it didn't take much effort to backtrack through a couple of weeks of photos. ;)
Hee, the leisure suit look would've been... interesting on Ianto! ;)
A lot of them zipped at the front, he'd have to watch out for his chest hair!

Thank you!
There are some things even our boys would struggle to look good in!

I look back at the fashions of my youth and cringe- so pleased I didn't have to suffer the indignity of a leisure suit!
They are hideous beyond belief! I had some old knitting pattern magazines from back in the sixties and early seventies, and you could actually KNIT leisure suits for the whole family! They have to be seen to be believed, lol!

Thank you!
missing photo !!!!
Ianto refused to let me see it!

Thank you!
wicked !!!
especially since he has nothing to lose, just a little more admiration from us.
He's naughty sometimes!