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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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It Happened One Day

Drabble: Rainstorm

Title: Rainstorm

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Ianto

Rating: G

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Jack and Ianto are stuck in the SUV during a rainstorm.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: For star54kar’s prompt ‘Rainstorm’.

Torrential rain pounded the SUV’s roof, so loud it would have been deafening if Ianto weren’t in the habit of carrying earplugs everywhere. As it was, Jack could only hear a distant rumble.

He watched the sheets of rain sweeping across the road, driven by near gale force winds. The weather across the whole of Britain was some of the worst he’d ever seen. Between the rain and the leaden clouds, visibility was so bad he’d been forced to pull off the road to wait it out.

Warm inside the SUV, Ianto asleep beside him, Jack didn’t mind at all.

The End


Mmmm, that feels so snug and cozy. Love the sound of rain on the window.
I like that too, but have you ever been stuck in a car with the rain falling in solid sheets? It's deafening! It wouldn't be so cosy without the earplugs. It's fun though, as long as the car isn't moving.

Thank you!
Oh, how lovely.
Thank you!

I based this on something that happened to me many years ago, travelling back from a bird show with my sister and her husband in their old estate car. Mum, dad and I were crammed in the back seat, the birds in their travelling boxes were in the rear and we got caught in a storm that was so bad we had to pull over, sitting in a big tin can with the rain pounding so hard on the roof we couldn't even talk to each other, so we all just sat there watching the storm. It was quite pleasant except for the deafening noise, I wished I had ear plugs then!
Lovely story and its a good thing Jack pulled off the road I would hate for anything to happen to our boys in the bad weather.
Jack may seem reckless at times, but he knows when he needs to be extra careful.

Thank you!
Well, that's one way to get some relaxation time in with Ianto, even if Ianto IS sleeping. Poor boy probably needs it.
I'm sure he does, Jack keeps him up half the night ;)

Thank you!
Ianto carries all sorts of stuff everywhere. XD (reminds me of my best friend... she's always got clay and string and acorns and pretty stones and who-knows-what-else)
String is useful, acorns just appear, I always have my pretty stones with me - I rattle when I walk.

Ianto likes to be prepared for everything and earplugs are essential kit when you work with Gwen and Owen. They block out the constant arguments.

Thank you!
Nice and so cozy :)
Thank you! Sometimes, rainstorms can be quite pleasant!
*awww* Anyplace can be good like that, if Ianto is there ::) <3<3
Even a sleeping Ianto is good company!

Thank you!
Aww, very romantic. <3
In the right company, almost any situation can be romantic!

Thank you!
Aww cute.
I like to see Jack watching over Ianto as he sleeps :-)
It's a sight Jack enjoys. Ianto deserves the chance to catch up on some sleep while they're stuck in the middle of nowhere; it's time well spent!

Thank you!
excellent company!
Even though he's asleep, lol!

Thank you!