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Ianto Little Smile

December 2020



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JB Weird

Drabble: Personal Grooming

Title: Personal Grooming - Sequel to 'Coming Unfluffed'

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Ianto, Nosy

Rating: G

Spoilers: Nope.

Summary: Jack comes across a sight he’s not expecting.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: This one’s for lexxiescott – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Hearing the vacuum cleaner running, Jack headed down to the boardroom, hoping to sneak up on Ianto for a crafty grope, but the sight that met his eyes wasn’t at all what he expected.

Ianto was there, but what on earth was he doing?

“Run it lightly along, head end to tail end, smooth strokes… That’s right, you’re getting the hang of it now!”

Jack shook himself and cleared his throat.

“Ianto? Care to explain?”

“Just teaching Nosy to use the vacuum cleaner.”

”On itself?”

“Gets rid of all those loose hairs.”

“Of course it does. What was I thinking?”

The End


Nosy has to be pretty!!! ***giggles***
Loved it!!!
Nosy does like to look its best!

Thanks, Ani! *hugs & kissitos*
*snickers* The care and grooming of a Fluff. I guess it would keep the hair down around the Hub for Nosy to vacuum itself daily. Jack should know never to be surprised by anything he finds going on around Torchwood by this point.

Love it. Thanks so much *hugs*
Glad you liked it! This grew from a comment you made - I note down anything from comments that might turn into an idea, so I thought it would be the idea birthday drabble for you!

You just know the loose hairs drive Ianto mad, so this solves the problem tidily! Poor Jack though, plans scuppered! Groping Ianto has gone right out of his head!

Thank you.
Nothing they see around the Hub should surprise any of them anymore.

It really is a brilliant idea. I wonder if Ianto gives private lessons. I'd love for him to teach my furries to do that.
I think some creatures would find it more difficult to vacuum themselves than a long, flexible Fluff! Even so, Nosy can't do its own head unless it can figure out how to hold the brush attachment with its tail!

Jack is often surprised by Ianto's schemes, it seems!

Thank you!
Just so long as he doesn't stop and gets a bald spot sucked onto him!
Ianto's picked out a vacuum cleaner that doesn't have too strong a suction effect, so Nosy should be okay and not go bald!

Thank you!
Ooh, Ianto, such a smart idea! That way there isn't Nose hair all over! ('cause I know I would be sneezing, with my pet allergies!)
Long, fluffy green hairs everywhere - Ianto's worst nightmare! Having Nosy groom itself saves him a lot of time!

Thank you!

(Fluff hair is allergy free).
Oh, if only I could train my cats to use one of those miniature vacuums. Then I wouldn't have to vacuum so much! Clever Nosy.

Edited at 2014-08-11 11:26 am (UTC)
And clever Ianto for thinking of the idea!

There ought to be cat vacuums, but sadly, I suspect it would be hard to train a cat to use one.

Thank you!
Lol I can imagine what a sight that would be but a clever idea, less work for Ianto.

great drabble
Ianto's always looking for ways to reduce his workload!

Thank you!
Jack of all people should understand the need to keep up ones appearance. Good thing Ianto is there.
One must always look one's best, lol! Ianto understands these things. Jack has been known to go out with egg on his collar, but that was before Ianto joined Torchwood Three, he won't stand for carelessness like that. ;)

Thank you!
I gotta say, when Ianto told Nosy to use smooth strokes, it didn't occur to me he was talking to Nosy; and Jack missed a good inuendo opportunity! But love seeing a Nosyverse; good way to run a week :D
*giggles* You've been reading too much smut ;)

Jack was too stunned by what he saw, the innuendo will prbobably catch up with him later, lol

Thank you!
Very clever! Less loose hairs to find around the Hub! ;)
Nosy's loose hairs would get everywhere, lol! Ianto's got it a personal vacuum cleaner.

Thank you!
The self-cleaning Fluff - every household needs one!

Thank you!
Nosy really is the ET the most adorable and practical !!
I want A !!!!!!!!!
There's nothing like a Fluff!

Thank you!
I can hear that resigned tone of voice at the end :D

This is awesome.
Thank you! Jack should know better by now, lol!