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Ianto Little Smile

February 2023



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Film Star Smile


Huge thank you hugs to
totally4ryo for my cuddly Birthday Bear Hug *squishes*
and also to totally4ryo , toshiani007 , too_beauty , zazajb , missthingsplace & milady_dragon for my cute blue dragons - I have a small herd!
I promise to take good care of them, I've stocked up on dragon treats =)

Thank you!
Big Dragon hugs to everyone!


you are welcome!
*hugs* Thank you ♥
You are very welcome! I'm just annoyed at LJ for losing the one I sent on your actual birthday. Bad LJ!
Bad LJ indeed! Let's put it on decaf!

(I still find your icon hypnotic!)
I know I didn't give you any, bad me, but your comment about having "a small herd!" just cracked me up. You are so funny girl!

I promise to take good care of them, I've stocked up on dragon treats =)

Sounds like something Ianto said in the Torchwood episode of "Meat" when Jack wanted to save the alien. lol!

I may never stop laughing! I needed this tonight!

Sorry to interupt.

*We now return you to your regular scheduled programming*
I'm so glad I could make you laugh! =D
You do know you are fun don't you?! That's why I have a good time with you. heeeeeee!

Darn I hope you got some of these tonight! Messed up! + way behind on clothes washing. I have got to do some more though I just feel like laying around or playing at my computer.
You're fun too *hugs*

Oh, I know, all I want to do is be on my computer. Got the last section of a fic to edit for someone in Australia, so I must do that today. It's for the tw_classic Big Bang (I think) and people are already posting so I don't have much time. The author got bogged down with school work and only just finished writing, but we'll make the deadline if it kills me!