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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Drabble: Taking A Break

Title: Taking A Break

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 318 – Long Overdue at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: It’s been a very long day for Jack and Ianto.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Jack and Ianto’s long day of saving the world yet again from invading aliens had ended with them hunting a rogue weevil in the early hours. Trailing back to the Hub, battered and bloody, they dumped Cyril the new Weevil in a cell across from Janet and dragged themselves to the kitchenette for a revivifying cup of coffee before showering.

Slumped on the sofa sipping the heavenly brew, Ianto looked at Jack and sighed.

“We should take a few days off, let the rest of the team deal with everything. We’re long overdue for a holiday.”

“Sounds good to me!”

The End


DUH! Really, guys? Would be a good idea for 2 or 3 days to go without the two of you at the hub (although it would be nice if Ianto prepped some coffee in a keg for those days for those who will need it! :D)
There's a bigger team now, the Rift is going to be quiet for a few days and George is there to make coffee. Taking a few days off is no problem!

Thank you!

Edited at 2014-08-18 09:08 pm (UTC)
There's a marathon of DrWho eps going on all week that I'd never seen including the creation of the Cybermen (a heartstopper!); Cult of Skaro, Mickey, Jackie & Rose in the alternate universe, Cyberman Yvonne Hartman and Canary Wharf (I gotta tell you, after watching these eps, I understand now why Jack was so upset with Ianto now and his forgiveness of what Ianto tried to do and Ianto's inability to see that Lisa couldn't ever be saved. That wasn't anger; it was blind terror! Pete saved Rose-she didn't go through the breach.)

I'm looking forward to Saturday!
Ooh, lucky you! That sounds great!

Yeah, It was more fear than anger on Jack's part, he definitely knows what cybermen are capable of and it terrifies him. Poor Ianto didn't know; if he had, he would have accepted that it was already too late for Lisa.
It seems to be S2-S7; so far because there's an ep with Face of Boe in a hospital and he's sent a message on psychic paper to the Doctor about Ward 26 but then at the end he teleports out; now I'm curious as to why there will only be 3 meetings with the Doctor. The eps also include Donna and Martha, especially with the Face of Boe's demise. Another thing is if this is supposed to be Jack, I would have thought for continuity's sake, they'd have John do the lines for FoB; instead it's someone else. At any rate, it's been a pretty good way to pass the time this week. I wasn't really exposed to the series before, only saw it because a friend kept nagging me about it. I think Torchwood also twigged a bit of interest but I gotta tell you, there's no way I'd call this a children's program! Maybe it started that way, but it sure as heck didn't restart that way.
Doctor Who is a family show. It was just as scary when I was a kid, but the episodes were drawn out over several weeks and the sets wobbled, lol! Not that we really cared when we were kids, it was just such a brilliantly inventive and entertaining thing to watch on Saturday evening.

I think the whole 'Jack is the Face of Boe' was RTDs attempt at a joke. On the other hand, if Jack got decapitated and his body grew a new head while his original head was found and bunged in a jar which somehow prevented the rest of him from growing back, Jack could be both Jack AND the Face of Boe. Besides, when did RTD ever care about continuity?
Ah, and its still a family show. I'm enjoying these eps because they're answering questions I had about so many references in many stories. Right now its the Evolution of the Daleks; I'm seriously gobsmacked with this.

I agree with you on the Face of Boe; what also struck me is that Jack is in a jar exactly like the 456, surrounded by smoke: I'd swear it was a backhanded reference to how Jack handled that situation. I've seen only one story I haven't been able to find again where Jack was decapped and both his body regrew its head and the other became the Face; he and Ianto were together when Jack felt the FoB die. That vortex wouldn't allow Jack's body to die and RTD didn't follow his own canon. I saw something recently where JB said he heard Torchwood would not be doing anymore eps; irregardless of that decision being a big mistake, I really don't think RTD respected anyone connected with the series. He may have realized it early on and turned the series' direction to kill off everyone by CoE. MD was a horrible mistake. And that "Jack is the FoB" thing is not funny at all. I haven't seen any writers in any fandom disrespect their OCs or the canon characters the way he has.
RTD always THINKS he's being so clever, but he never is. CoE and MD were both original scripts he couldn't get made. That annoys me because not only didn't he respect the characters he created, trying to cram them into scripts that weren't written for them, but it just smacks of laziness, twiddling about with an already written script to make it Torchwood instead of writing a proper script for the show that fits the characters. =(

As for the glass jar and smoke being a backhanded reference, that's doubtful. RTD just reuses ideas over and over.
This reminds me of the same squabbles that took place on the XFiles as well. By the end, the main actor was gone, squabbling over money among other things, they killed off a character who was really crucial to their ''conspiracy" and then bringing in two new actors who really weren't given a chance to bring the show back to its center. I didn't know about those TW scripts but I hated both storylines. I have too many friends who write professionally who I ask opinions of and I've worked at those conventions. I don't believe for a second that Jack would have allowed Ianto to go into this room unprotected from the gas if he had really been far more involved with the 456; if Ianto worked for Torchwood as long as he did, he would have had access to the history of those Cybermen. Hartman was far too thorough not to have that information; her Cyberman was still human even at the end.

I read a lot of authors here because your take on the show gives up so much information and you put it into context those things that RTD left out or chose to eliminate for his own reasons. It wasn't fair to the actors, the show and the fans. Your writings clarify things for me and the stories are enjoyable.
On behalf of myself and all the other writers, thank you!

I don't know if Torchwood had encountered cybermen in this universe before the cause of the ghost shifts revealed themselves. if they hadn't, there probably wasn't any information in the T1 archives to be found anyway.

Jack has been a military man. there's no way he wouldn't have had a fully stocked backup base, complete with fake documentation for all the tram, kept up to date. There's also no way he would have taken Ianto to Thames House - that would be in effect marching two thirds of his fighting force into the enemy's hands. That whole confrontation was so contrived and so unlike Jack.He'd more likely clear the building, grab a hazmat suit, go right in with the 456 and confront it that way, maybe with a canister of oxygen to poison its atmospher.
And you are all so welcome; you've made a newbie to Whoverse a little smarter :D

I agree with you on Jack; being an Army brat and having most all of the males in my family in all branches of the military and the police force, even my Army son didn't agree with CoE. He figures that with Jack being from the future and military, the scenario as RTD filmed it made it clear from the start that Jack and TW were already under surveillance the minute the government was contacted by the 456. No way in hell would someone with such limited backup take their limited force into that situation. Jack made too many enemies in government and locally too; that would have precluded any assistance. TW Cardiff was far too understaffed; Gwen should never have been brought in because she was useless. I would have fired her ass after the first incident! Ianto, Tosh and Owen were Jack's most effective 'troops'; with them being killed off, that act cut off all of Jack's effectiveness. I don't think it was an accident that only Gwen was left and Jack left her after MD, returning to space. Madam Dunsel, ineffective as ever.

I'm gonna go find some more good stuff to vegetate with :D (Damn! The Valiant is a ginormous ship!!!)
RTD wanted to make a show with Eve as the star, so he killed off the other characters as a way of achieving his aims but all that did was to kill the show. That's what happens when you refuse to listen to anyone else's opinion, especially the people you're supposedly entertaining. If the viewers don't like what you're giving them, they'll stop watching and if you alienate them by insulting them, you'll end up with no viewers. I wonder if RTD with ever learn that.

Like a flying aircraft carrier!
it sounds good to anyone, my dear boys!!!
enjoy life!
They need a break, and they'll make the most of it!

Thank you!
They deserve one! The boys work really hard.
They do! Let the rest of the team fend for themselves for a while, they're grown-ups, more or less.

THank you!
Yep I think they definitely deserve one.

Great drabble.
Thank you! They need a nice little hotel somewhere with a big bathtub and room service!
Ianto's right. They definitely are long overdue. I think they should make sure it's somewhere with no cell reception, but then they're way to dedicated for that.
The team will not contact them for anything but a desperate emergency, on pain of being landed with the filthiest chores for six months as well as cheap instant decap for the same length of time, lol!

Thank you!
Past time those boys had a vacation! They should find a nice secluded island that has no Weevils. ;)
And make sure it's not an alien tourist hotspot either!

Thank you!
Good plan Ianto!
Sensible man, our Ianto!

Thank you!