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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Drabble: Suspension - Sequel to ‘Act Of Mercy’

Title: Suspension - Sequel to ‘Act Of Mercy’

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack, Team mentioned.

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 318 – Long Overdue at tw100

Spoilers: Sort of for Cyberwoman.

Summary: Jack gives Ianto four weeks off.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

In all the official paperwork, Ianto knew his time off would be referred to as a four-week suspension, but that was just to comply with protocol. Jack had explained it to him rather differently.

“I know you’d probably prefer to work, but you need time to come to terms with your loss and to grieve. Besides, the rest of the team could use the breathing space, so I’m putting you on compassionate leave. You have family locally, don’t you? Go visit them.”

That was a good idea. He hadn’t seen Rhi since returning to Cardiff. A visit was long overdue.

The End


Jack may not think he's that great a leader but little things like this show differently.
He's a good man, showing understanding and compassion at a time when both are badly needed. I like showing Jack as the competent and caring leader I believe he was.

Thank you!
LIke I said, you writers really show Torchwood and Jack at their best and make it enjoyable reading :D

I found another crazy story...Jack has a rrreeealllyyy funny reaction to nutmeg tea...and Owen's responsible... :D :D :D
Oh, I've read that one! And the sequel about Iantyo's revenge!

Have you read Psychotic Outbreak Due To Hob Nobs by kayliemalinza ?


I love that one, it has Tosh badly affected...

Also, there's You Can Be Interesting Tomorrow by thefannishwaldo

Never heard of these... but I found another hysterical piece of the nutmeg allergy series...Owen's gonna get it when they find what he did with those pictures...:D
Yeah, it's funny!

Hope you enjoy the others =)
I got coffee on my keyboard when Ianto said Owen's aim sucks! His rambling conversation after that reminded me of what I said to my surgeon just before the lights went out for me (myomectomy-I kept telling them how to do a merge in Microsoft. Don't ask ....) But him wrestling with a hyped-up TOSH!?! Jack was pure Jack in both situations (and I wanna sell the tickets and bring the popcorn when Ianto goes after Owen as he will!) - he ain't getting too close to either of his employees in that mess. You found some really great ones; I hope you have more recommendations in that bunch. :D Thanks for some really great reads :D
I've read a lot of great fics, but most of them aren't in that vein. I love that kind of fic though, I just wish there were more.

I loved Ianto trying to control Tosh without 'handling' her too much, I think that's my favourite.
ROTFL! I don't know who's worse, Tosh or Ianto but I'd love to see more of these. That was so out of character for Tosh but it was hysterical having Ianto holding her off while Jack's molesting the laptop. The second one is even funnier but Ianto will get even with Owen for sure! Thanks :D now I've had my Funny!Ianto and Tosh fix for the weekend :D
Glad you enjoyed them, I love both of those!
It was a good piece of advice .....
I think so too. Ianto needed something to ground him in the real, normal world after what's happened. Family is what we all need at times of bereavement.

Thank you!
Jack isn't totally heartless. Visiting his family is just what Ianto needs.
I agree! I thought this made more sense than just sticking him on suspension, Jack is more understanding than that even if the records have to say 'suspension'.

Thank you!
I like how Jack considered it compassionate leave, even though he had to use the term "suspension" in the official reports. He just gets it.
With all the losses Jack has suffered in his life, it just makes sense to me that he would be a lot more understanding and sympathetic than he appeared in the episode. Plus, he almost ended the world accidentally for far less noble motives, so can't see him being unduly harsh with Ianto, who's just lost the one person who has kept him going since Canary Wharf. The official paperwork still has to record a suspension as punishment though, just to cover all the bases.

Thank you!
Jack has a good point he does need to grieve.

great drabble.
Thank you.

Yes, I think Jack would be understanding. He knows how it feels to lose a loved one.
Love your take on Jack here; it's this compassion that explains why Ianto was able to go from threatening to watch Jack die, to propositioning him over Susie's drawer in the morgue. I don't think Ianto was actually sane by the time Lisa died, and the month to reconnect with reality let him see Jack's basic kindness, fortunately for both of them!

Great story - thanks for posting it.
Thank you!

I agree. If Jack had been nothing but angry and dealing out punishment, they would never have been able to build the relationship they ended up with. I see Jack and Ianto having long conversations during Ianto's 'suspension' as Ianto accepts that he was fighting a losing battle over Lisa and Jack admits he understands why Ianto had to try, even though in the back of his mind he knew there was no real hope.

Without Lisa to care for, Ianto wouldn't have been able to keep going in the aftermath of Canary Wharf. For better or worse, she gave him purpose, something to focus on.
As long as Jack's lived, you know he's been through some really bad times and done some really stupid things. It only stands to reason he'd be more than capable of understanding and empathizing with Ianto. It's a shame he feels he has to hide his compassionate, sympathetic side beneath a cocky, hard-ass persona to be taken seriously as the leader of Torchwood.

I have to wonder what Jack put in the report as the reason for Ianto's suspension, since he obviously couldn't have put what really happened.
He was a con-man, I'm sure he's able to come up with a way of telling the truth while lying through his teeth. The report is no doubt a masterpiece of misdirection, lol!

Yes, Jack has had more than enough experience of loss, he would understand Ianto's motives better than anyone and because of that, he'll be there whenever Ianto needs to talk. With his help, Ianto will find his feet again.

Thank you!
Well played Jack.
(And well written you).
Thank you!

I think Jack, once he calmed down, would be understanding.