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Fic Of The Week - Week Ten

I hope everyone enjoyed last week's fics! I also hope none of you have family members like Ianto's Great Aunt - she could send a herd of weevils running for the hills. In fact, Ianto would probably prefer facing a herd of weevils. What an unpleasant woman!

Only one fic this week. I intend to alternate for the time being - one recent and one older short fic in the same week, then one longer fic the next week - because there have been a lot of Big Bangs posted recently, and there are also still a lot of reel_torchwood fics that I want to read from the last round.

This week's fic is Electric Sheep by pokerkitten from way back in April 2007. There are 13 chapters, each chapter linking to the next, so they should be easy enough to find. First chapter is here: 

The summary says: Jack has been back at Torchwood Three for a few months now. He was fine with that... until he began to uncover a pattern in what had seemed to be random, unconnected murders. Now he wishes he was anywhere, any time, but here!

It's mainly Jack/Ianto (like everything I pick!), but according to the author, the rest of the team do appear.

I'm a massive fan of Blade Runner as well as the novel it was based on (Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep), so I just couldn't resist. Electric sheep in Wales - wouldn't they short-circuit from all the rain? (Yes, I am weird. Why do you ask?)

Anyway, on with the show. Happy reading, everyone!
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