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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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JB Weird

Drabble: Unbelievable

Title: Unbelievable

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack

Rating: G

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: They have everything – or do they?

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: For fanbot’s prompt "Won't you tell me what you want, what you really really want."

Even in his wildest dreams, Ianto had never imagined so many flavours of ice cream existed. Jack had told him this shop sold every flavour in the universe; judging by the list, he was right.

Choosing wouldn’t be easy, but Ianto Jones never backed down from a challenge.

After carefully considering different combinations, he made his choice.

“I’ll have the triple chocolate fudge choc chip coffee ripple, please. What are you having, Jack?”

Turning, he found Jack staring at the list, a devastated expression on his face.

“Jack? Are you okay?”

Jack gave a despairing wail.

“They don’t have vanilla!”

The End


What self-respecting ice cream shop does not have vanilla? Very strange.

I half expected him to be watching Ianto with drool running down his chin thinking of the many things they could do with the ice cream. This was a total surprise. And isn't it amusing to find out that something about Jack is actually vanilla?
Poor, confused Jack, thinking he can't have Vanilla! He just hasn't twigged - they have every flavour you can imagine, the list is just the most popular flavour combinations, there's no need to list the single flavours. Strawberry, Chocolate, Orange, etc. aren't listed either, that doesn't mean they're not available!

Ianto got Jack a triple scoop of vanilla and they both enjoyed their treats.

(I just thought it would be funny if Jack liked Vanilla ice cream best, lol!)

Thank you!
Come on!!! Where have you seen Jack and Vanilla in the same sentence? LOL
When he's ordering ice cream, that's where!

(And he did get his vanilla ice cream, so he's happy now.)

Thank you!
Hahaha! Poor Jack! They have so many fancy flavours, but of course not the most basic ones! xD
(Oh, and I'd like a vegan cinnamon star dark truffel marzipan christmas apple punch, please! Winter flavours are always the best ones! :D )
One vegan cinnamon star dark truffel marzipan christmas apple punch coming right up! *grins*

They only list the fancy flavours, but all the individual flavours that go into making the fancy ones are available too. Jack needn't have panicked, they just don't bother to list the single flavours, because everyone can remember them. He got his vanilla!

Thank you!
Thank God for that. And so the world is saved once again!
Jack is all smiles again. See?
Poor Jack! I can't believe a shop like that wouldn't have vanilla!
Ah but they do, they just don't list the single flavours, they assume people will realise that any flavour used to make the fancy combinations is also available on its own. Jack got his preferred ice cream!

Thank you!
ROFL! Poor Jack! I guess it'd be like being told you couldn't order regular coffee in an fancy coffee shop. (They always have it, but sometimes I feel sort of silly when everyone else is getting a Half-Caf Triple Mocha Latte with sprinkles or whatever.) :-p
LOL! Yes, it's rather like that here. They have the individual flavours available - they wouldn't be able to maker all those combinations without them - but what's the point of listing them? If people want a single flavour all they have to do is ask. Ianto of course understands this, since he knows how coffee shops work and the principle is the same, so Jack got his Vanilla.

Cue Happy Jack!

Thank you.
LOL oh poor Jack the one flavour that that the shop that had every flavour in the Universe didn't have.

great drabble.
Thank you!

Actually, they do have it - they couldn't make some of their fancy combinations without it - but why list the single favours? Anything that is a component of one of their fancy ice creams is obviously in stock, you just have to ask. the same if you want a combination that isn't listed - like Key Lime Pie, Coconut, and Chocolate Truffle or something. Jack got his favourite ice cream.
Bless Jack's classic loving heart.
He does like timeless things!

Thankfully, he was able to get Vanilla after all.

Thank you.
I snickered when "Jack is a Vanilla guy" formed in my mind. Of course, we're talking about ice cream.
It's the classic flavour!

Thank you!
WHAT!?! No Vanilla? what kind of ice cream shop are they running?! Somebody call the Ice Cream Consortium! :D

Poor Jack, I share your pain... LOL!
Jack's panic was premature, of course they have vanilla, how could they make some of those fancy combinations without it? They just don't bother listing the single flavours, lol! Jack got his vanilla.

Thank you!
No vanilla! For shame! Funny, Jack doesn't seem the vanilla type. LOL

This reminds me of story; my friend went to have ice cream with her dad. And he kept saying to her she could have anything she wanted. In the end she wanted vanilla, and her dad found himself irritated by that because he thought it was a boring flavor. *giggles*
But vanilla isn't boring! It's the basic building block of ice cream!

Turned out that they DID have vanilla, it just wasn't listed, so Jack got his treat. There are subtle nuances of flavour to vanilla that Jack's advanced taste buds delight in! He thinks vanilla has an unfair reputation.

Thank you!
poor Jack
Ianto have to create an ice cream from his coffee. it would please a lot to Jack!
I bet he could do it!

Jack got his vanilla in the end.

Thank you!
Oh, the IRONY!
See? Jack DOES do vanilla - if it's ice cream!

Thank you!

(He got his favourite in the end!)
I understand Jack's pain. Vanilla is my favourite flavour, although I can sometimes be tempted to try something more exotic, it never quite compares.
Don't worry, the DID have vanilla, they just didn't bother putting the simple flavours on the menu. After all, EVERY ice cream shop has them, lol!

(I like mint ice cream best!)

Thank you!