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May 2023


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Drabble: A Cupboard Made For Two - Sequel to ‘Cupboard Plans’

Title: A Cupboard Made For Two - Sequel to ‘Cupboard Plans’

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack

Rating: PG-15

Written For: Challenge 319 – Stationery/Stationary at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Jack and Ianto in a stationery cupboard – but just whose idea was it?

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Ianto’s smirk broadened into a grin.

“What took you so long? I thought you’d have discovered this place days ago. I was beginning to think all my careful planning had been for nothing.”

“Planning?” Jack was confused.

“Look at this place, Jack; desk, photocopier, filing cabinets, abundant office supplies… There are plenty of much smaller cupboards I could’ve used for our stationery stockpile, but I thought you’d like a bit more room for manoeuvre.

“So you set all this up for us to…?”

“Indulge in some cupboard love? Well, it’s about time we explored your office fetish, don’t you think?”

The End

A/N: Anyone who would like to try their hand at writing an innovative stationery/office smut follow-up to this, feel free to do so. I just can’t think of a thing they could do with office supplies. Clearly, my brain is just not kinky enough.


Oh, sneaky, sneaky Ianto! You have made Jack so very happy...
What do you give the guy who's lived so long he has everything? His own office-fetish playroom of course!

Thank you!
Hee, Ianto! Always planning ahead! ;)
He likes to make Jack happy =D

Thank you!
Jack thought he was the only one with an imagination? I actually can't fathom how he didn't figure it out sooner. I think he's been clued into the fact that Ianto's not exactly the quiet type he thought he was.

As for a stationary/office smut follow-up, don't look at me. Everything that pops into my mind involves paper cuts and tender bits getting caught in painful places. Far from the sexy encounter Ianto is envisioning.
He might have got to it quicker, but things got a bit busy and he got held up. Sometimes Jack does have to do actual work, lol! Ianto was also very subtle, making it sound like the cupboard had always been there and Jack just hadn't noticed. And Ianto did rather brush aside Jack's office fetish before. I guess Jack just resigned himself to thinking that was one thing he'd never talk Ianto into trying.

Everything that pops into my mind involves paper cuts and tender bits getting caught in painful places. Which is why I can't write it either.

Thank you!
Let's see... Stationery smut...I'm no writer but I can offer a few suggestions... :D

Colored post-its in different sizes/colors for some ID tagging fun (involving body pats, of course); we use tags like "Sign here" for some documents...I'm sure Jack could think of a few things that need to be 'signed' that are important (ahem!);

Pre-Inked copy stamps...temporary tattoos applied in some places...

Oh, the new PTouch label machine... :)

What is that little bottle called (used for wetting envelopes instead of licking them...) one could use it to judiciously apply wet substances such as lubrication fluid...

Redwell file folders... Proper filing of "important supplies" is so necessary!

that's all I can think of for now... :D :D :D
*giggles* Fun ideas! Maybe I should visit our local stationery store next time I go out, look for inspiration!

Now I just need a helpful smut-writer....
LMAO!! OOOohhhh you'd be surprised what stationery supplies can inspire! :D

Dang, I forgot a few somethings. the cleaning lady's duster... you KNOW Jack or ianto would think of something for that... I made earrings out of binder and paper clips (large, medium and small)... I'm sure one of the boys would find something kinky as hell with those :D

:D Toss it out there as a challenge and see who's imagination is sufficiently demented enough to have some fun... :D

Well, i kinda did that in the author's note, but no takers so far! *grins*
You know, reading this again, Ianto was light-years ahead of Jack; the 21st century man outsmarting the 51st Century man. Jack, you are SSSOOO ... fooked!!! (And I told my son about this...I will NOT encourage him! He's already got a smarmy snippet percolating in his teeny brain about booze, stun gun investigations, Jack, Ianto and some sort of game between the boys!!!)
Haha! I wanna read that!

Ianto knows how to play Jack at his own game ;)
My idiot child is ex-Army, disabled vet and why did I introduce him to Torchwood and fanfic!?! You might have to wait on the fic unless we can figure out how he can do it because we're still fighting his case in court but he loved KKBB and Captain Jack Harkness eps; i like to think I raised a liberal, loving kid. From what he said, he had more that a few gay Army mates in his group and has nothing but praise for their service; as he said, a bullet dosen't discriminate and neither does patriotism.

I hope he doesn't use tequila in that story; not sure how jack or Ianto would fare with that.
I hope he doesn't use tequila in that story; not sure how jack or Ianto would fare with that.

Heh, well, if you've read my ficlet 'Tequila Immortal', you'll know the answer to that would be 'Not terribly well!' Tequila and Jack does NOT mix!

Your son is right of course. I wish more people shared his liberal attitude.
OOh mischievous Ianto had it planned all along.

great drabble
Sneaky Ianto is sneaky! He only mentioned it to Jack once everything was in place =)

Thank you!
Ianto is just as kinky as Jack! (Now there's a scary thought!)
Their kinks link them, lol!

Thank you!
Clever Ianto.
He's a smart man, he knew Jack could never resist a stationery cupboard!

Thank you!

Ianto, you naughty boy! I didn't see that coming at all! Fantastic. (wooden rulers. Just sayin')
You can write it if you'd like to! (Just sayin' ;) )

Tables neatly turned - Sneaky Ianto is sneaky!

Thank you!
It's kind of half-written already - a smut-tastic interlude to Underhanded Tactics that may or may not ever get finished. Smut is something I really have to be in the right mood to write.
I'm not a smutty writer at all. Except for that one FAKE piece that may never get posted...

Good luck with finishing that!
I didn't think I was, to be honest. I don't think of myself as a smut writer. It's just that sometimes smut happens. I can't set out to write a PWP, because it would be HORRIBLE. It would probably be worthy of Jack and Ianto's (or my fandom couple of choice at the time) wrath. It would be worthy of decaf!Ianto's wrath.

Be brave, post it if it's finished. Even if it's just the one, ever, it'll be something you've tried your hand at.
I'm kind of waiting for a prompt at fan_flashworks I can use it for, as one step towards earning the smut badge ;)
Fair enough :)
you got me !!
it was a machination of Ianto !!! I also forgot that Ianto can be machaviélique.
Ianto knows how to get what he wants and please Jack at the same time, he's very clever.

Thank you!