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June 2023



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Tags & AO3

Since tardisjournal posted regarding the tags AO3 offered on the posting of one of her fics, I've been paying more attention to the tags there. I seem to mostly get perfectly ordinary, unremarkale tags offered to me, but I am rather puzzled about one thing.

Why can you tag your work with 'Socks' ?

Is there a category for Sock-fic? If so, I'm definitely posting in the right place, having written several fics involving socks.

Sadly, there is no tag for Evil Socks. This is clearly an oversight...


You can make up your own tags if you want. I find myself doing that with my crack!fic on AO3, because I like tags such as "Comedy Decapitation". :P

I want more Comedy Decapitation fics, but never seem to find any. :(

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Comedy decapitation is fun!

How do you make your own tags? 'Cause I really will need an Evil Socks tag soon!
You can just type your own in the "Tags" section, and then hit enter when you're done. The tag you made will pop up in that line where the tags are displayed.
Thanks! I'll try that next time the tag I want doesn't exist!
LOL--"socks" as a tag! It's perfect for you! And, apparently, many others. Next time you're on there, try a search using that tag and see what comes up!

I did! That's a lot of fics with socks... And now there's one more =)

I still have my OTHER sock fic to post ;)

I wonder who first decided there should be a tag for Socks...
We should all write a sock fic... :-)
Well, I've done two Torchwood Sock drabbles, a FAKE Sock fic and a Torchwood Sock fic so far. Socks are surprisingly good fic subjects!

We need more Sock fics!
I think AO3 is pretty flexible when it comes to tags. It's just when enough people use them that they become one that gets offered (as far as I can tell, anyway). I've seen stories from people who are clearly more used to LJ, and tag the weirdest things ever - LJ-style tags. I'm sure you know the kind I mean.

I really kind of want to go and search for sock fics now. Just to add to all my open AO3 tabs (me, obsessing about Supernatural? Counting down the days til it starts again? Nooooooo)
*grins* I'm sure there are some Supernatural sock fics ;)

There is now also an Evil Socks tag, courtesy of Yours Truly! Just in case I ever write The Return of the Evil Socks! (It could happen...)
Noted and being searched :D
Have fun!