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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Drabble: Five Thousand Years

Title: Five Thousand Years

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack and Ianto

Rating: G

Spoilers: None

Summary: Millennia pass by, but their love remains as strong as ever.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: For the prompt ‘Still Into You’, one of the prompts I didn’t get around to using for tw100’s challenge 292: Billboard Hot 100 last year. I’ve dug them out again to supplement the prompts I got from my f-list, just because there are still loads I wanted to use.

A/N2: The 500th chapter in my drabble collection! YAY! (Okay, so it’s actually my 501st posted drabble, but I can’t count the first drabble I posted because I posted it separately. If I’d added it to the collection I might have lost the lovely reviews it received…)

Five thousand years of marriage seemed to pass in the blink of an eye.

They raised children many times, watched their grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and countless generations marry and raise families of their own. They renewed their vows in every joining ceremony they came across and Jack joked that if they had to wear all the tokens of their commitment to each other at the same time they wouldn’t be able to move.

There were fights and make-up sex, joys and tragedies, but through it all their love for each other never wavered.

Two bodies, two hearts, sharing a single soul.

The End


Oh yes. I love it that the boys have forever. This was wonderful. :)
Thank you! They're very happily celebrating 5000 years right now!

(No, not like that, they're having a family party! The other will wait until everyone else has gone home or gone to bed).
I love the idea of them having all of time together and I really love this line:

Two bodies, two hearts, sharing a single soul.

Aww, thank you! I like that line too =)

I write things how I want them to be. Those two deserve to be happy together for eternity.
Aww *grins*
I like the boys to be happy!

Thank you!
**toss the rice and confetti**

Last line says it all :D :D :D
*Grins* Thank you!

They're old hands at getting married by now!
This is just so so beautiful.

Great drabble.
Thank you! It seemed appropriate to celebrate 500 chapters with something happy!
Aww, so beautiful! They deserve enternal happiness! <3<3<3
And if I have my way, they'll get it!

Thank you!
...And there's never a moment of long boredom, with these two *awww* XD :) <3<3
I'm sure they can always find SOMETHING to keep them busy ;)

Thank you!

I do love that you acknowledge that their lives aren't perfect - that they do all the normal things. And you've done it in 100 words. Nice.
Thank you! Sometimes it's amazing how much will fit in 100 words.

No marriage is perfect all the time, but they're willing to work at it because they love each other.

Thank you!
It's a skill that not everyone has. The weirdest one was the uni assignments that were 300 words total, spread over 3 topics. Oh yes, I drabbled uni assignments. Now, THAT was a challenge.

We raised said assignments as an issue at the committee, because they were pretty much impossible. They don't do them any more. (My tutor was actually impressed I stuck so faithfully to the word count. I didn't tell her why I managed)
LOL! That's a crazy assignment! Good drabbling practice though!

I thought I couldn't drabble until I tried. Now I love it!
I always thought I couldn't, because everything over-ran the word limit (although apparently, a drabble is now anything up to 600 words? When did that happen?). I still only manage it occasionally, but I've gotten better at it.
There are a lot of people who use the word drabble to mean a short fic. Real drabbles are exactly 100 words, but people misuse the term.

Drabbles are something I work at nearly every day, but it does still take work to get down to the right number of words. I'm learning various tricks to help me though, finding words that can be left out etc.
I am still very much of the opinion that a drabble is still 100 words. I enjoy the challenge of pruning the odd word out here and there, or finding one word that works in place of three. It's fun.
Which is exactly why I love drabbling. I live for the challenge (though I'll admit to writing a few double drabbles when the idea is just a tad too big to fit 100 words. And then there's that drabble and a half I wrote last night, because it came out at exactly 150 words and I just couldn't ruin that. It WAS going to be a double drabble, it just didn't NEED to be, and pruning out one third would have been impossible.
I love it when things like that happen. I admit a certain amount of OCD: I like to have a nice, round number of words.
Round numbers are good!

(I try to avoid sixes, but I don't always succeed, lol)
so true
Thank you!