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Positive Meme Thingie: Day Five

Here we are, the final day, it's flown past! Now if I can just think of three more positive things... a bit tough because this hasn't been a brilliant day. I have two good ones, but I'll have to think to come up with a third...

1. I won some great crystals at auction! A truly amazing Chrysanthemum Stone, a cute Atlantis Stone (I'm a sucker for those), a shiny Labradorite and a gorgeous multi-colour Fluorite! Very pleased, especially as ebay had been messing me around all day. It finally decided to start working properly just before the auction started. What a relief!

2. I posted the 500th drabble to my drabble collection on and AO3! That's prettty epic!

3. Ummmm.... *Thinks hard* I had a half-hour lie in this morning, I guess that counts as a positive since I very rarely get a few extra minutes' sleep.

The rest of the day has been full of nigglingly annoying minor disasters. Bit of a let-down on the final day.
Tags: meme, real life

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