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Positive Meme Thingie: Day Six

Yes, I know it's only supposed to be 5 days, but I decided to carry on and make it a complete week, because good things happened after my last post =)

1. I got a DVD of one of my favourite films - The Big Easy - off ebay. I've been trying to get it for years! Looking forward to re-watching that!

2. I actually got a review on my FAKE drabbles on from someone other than my loyal reviewer there who reviews everything I write - Proof positive that at least two people are reading them! I get a bit discouraged at times; I know FAKE is a small, almost dead fandom, but I keep hoping that people will comment. There MUST be other fans out there somewhere. Well... Found one!

3. My Bears won a game! This is a small miracle, since they were playing the 49ers who they've developed a habit of losing to lately. Under other circumstances, I would have been rooting for the 49ers, but I'm a Bears fan first and foremost. I only got to see higlights, but that's better than nothing. Better yet, a few clips were shown of the Bears from way back when I first became a fan, so I got to see my old team, most importantly Jim McMahon and the late great Walter 'Sweetness' Payton!
Tags: meme, real life

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