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September 2023



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Ianto Little Smile

Positive Meme Thingie: Day Six

Yes, I know it's only supposed to be 5 days, but I decided to carry on and make it a complete week, because good things happened after my last post =)

1. I got a DVD of one of my favourite films - The Big Easy - off ebay. I've been trying to get it for years! Looking forward to re-watching that!

2. I actually got a review on my FAKE drabbles on ff.net from someone other than my loyal reviewer there who reviews everything I write - Proof positive that at least two people are reading them! I get a bit discouraged at times; I know FAKE is a small, almost dead fandom, but I keep hoping that people will comment. There MUST be other fans out there somewhere. Well... Found one!

3. My Bears won a game! This is a small miracle, since they were playing the 49ers who they've developed a habit of losing to lately. Under other circumstances, I would have been rooting for the 49ers, but I'm a Bears fan first and foremost. I only got to see higlights, but that's better than nothing. Better yet, a few clips were shown of the Bears from way back when I first became a fan, so I got to see my old team, most importantly Jim McMahon and the late great Walter 'Sweetness' Payton!


I haven't seen The Big Easy in years. I remember liking it when I did watch it.
Dennis Quaid singing a Cajun song ♥

There's so much to love about the movie, from the setting to the soundtrack. It's one of the few non-S.F. movies that rank among my favourites, along with the original version of Harvey, Deliverance, Roxanne, Dirty Dancing and A Fish Called Wanda.
I love A Fish Called Wanda. It is hysterical and the chemistry between Kevin Kline, who is such a jerk, and Jamie Lee Curtis is wonderful.

Kkkkken's pppppets....
It really is just a superb comedy, it ticks all the boxes for me.

Poor Michael Palin, such a sweetie.
I can totally relate to how great that one comment from someone new can feel, having written in some pretty dead fandoms in the past ♥

And you know, I have never seen The Big Easy - I feel like I should, though!

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Crime and corruption in New Orleans, Dennis Quaid sings! Cajun music! What's not to love? I can hardly wait to get it so I can watch it again, though how I'll find time with all the writing I've got on my plate, I do not know, lol!

It really was a big deal. there are like three people on LJ who read and comment on my FAKE fics, and one on ff.net, so getting a review from another person there meant a lot. It's only taken 20 or so drabbles and nearly that many short fics to get it *sigh* Why couldn't I have discovered FAKE back when the fandom was still active?

All I seem to do these days is write and beta, I hardly have time to even READ! I need longer days.

Good to hear from you! Hope you're well!
Haha, sold! ;) I wonder if it's on Amazon Prime... I'll check it out :D

Yeah, I've definitely been there! It's been awhile since I've written for a really active fandom, and the experience is SO different. Posting in these tiny anime fandoms, it's like... If I get one or two comments I'm ecstatic. It's all about adjusting expectations, I guess? XD;;

I've joined some prompt/comment_fic communities over on dreamwidth and a lot of the fic requests are for presumably anime or manga I've never heard of. Most of thosde seldom even get written, so I guess it could be worse. Still, when you're enthusiastic about writing something, you hope that other people will be enthusiastic about reading, then it all goes a bit flat...

I got the DVD, but haven't had a chance to watch yet - I need to write this evening and I'm running out of time o_O
Haha, yeah, I think I've learned over the years that it can always be worse as far as the deadest of dead fandoms. ^_~ It certainly does make things go flat when no one else is as excited as you are about something though... It makes me really value the times when inspiration and an active fan have lined up for me, because it's just not always a given! ;)
So true. Still, I'm going to keep writing, I've got one of my friends interested and reading the fics on LJ, as well as a die-hard FAKE fan, so at least I get comments here. It makes up somewhat for the lack of them elsewhere.
Awesome~ Sometimes all it takes is getting that one person into the thing you're writing for - I totally get it ;)

Now I just have to get her reading the manga!
:-) I'm pleased you had a better day and are being positive all week :-)
I failed completely yesterday by forgetting to do a post, and most of today hasn't been positive, lol! I need to go do some writing, I have a deadline at fan_flashworks. o_O