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December 2023



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Drabble: Love Vs Lust

Title: Love Vs Lust

Author: badly_knitted   

Characters: Gwen, mentions Rhys and Jack

Rating: G

Spoilers: Nothing specific.

Summary: A look inside Gwen’s head as she compares Rhys with Jack.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: For the prompt ‘Everything I Shouldn't Be Thinking About’, one of the prompts I didn’t get around to using for tw100’s challenge 292: Billboard Hot 100 last year. I’ve dug them out again to supplement the prompts I got from my f-list, just because there are still loads I wanted to use.

Gwen loved Rhys, she really did. He was kind, caring, supportive, funny and a great cook. He put up with her long working hours and strange moods, and she knew he would do anything for her because he loved her.

But he wasn’t Jack.

Jack was gorgeous, sexy, confident, charming, larger than life, an immortal hero full of outrageous tales of unlikely exploits. He was exciting and dangerous where Rhys was comfortable, ordinary, maybe even a little dull.

She loved Rhys, but she lusted after Jack; he was everything.

Everything she shouldn’t be thinking about.

She just couldn’t help herself.

The End


And that is pretty much Gwen! Well done.
Thank you! I don't find it at all easy getting inside Gwen's head, but the prompt was such a perfect fit for her I had to try. Glad it works for you.
Yep, that's our Gwen. You wrote her perfectly.
Thank you! Not that I particularly enjoy trying to get inside her head... LOL!
You wrote her perfectly, but I have to agree about getting inside her head. I think it'd be bizarre and probably a little scary.
Thank you!

It's not a place I like visiting, lol!
Great drabble, and great look at Gwen's thoughts about Rhys and Jack.
Thank you! I don't find it all that easy to get inside Gwen's head, but I think this one worked quite well.
Gwen in a nutshell.
Thank you!

You could probably fit Gwen's brain in a nutshell...
Nice; captures her dilemma perfectly
Thank you! I find it hard to see things from her POV though.
Perfect Gwen.
Thank you!

The prompt just seemed to work for her.
I clicked on the 'leave a comment' intending to write something about this being exactly why Gwen doesn't deserve either of them. But now I'm thinking how human this all is. We all lust after people we can't have: just that most of us tend to do it from afar. I suppose it's not Gwen's fault that she has a real-life superhero flirting with her.

...God, did I just DEFEND Gwen? Take me out and shoot me before it gets any worse!
I think we may well lust after people, but when we're in a relationship, most of us wouldn't act on it. Gwen would without a thought to Rhys because she's already done that with Owen, who she claims not to even like. If Jack genuinely came on to her instead of the playful flirting he does with everyone, Rhys would be dumped so fast his head would spin. Gwen wants to have her cake and everyone else's. Rhys deserves better.

Thank you!
Oh, now that I agree with entirely. He doesn't deserve her crap.