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March 2023



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Doctor, I Wish

Doctor Who Drabble: Clothes Make The Time Lord

Title: Clothes Make The Time Lord

Fandom: Doctor Who

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: The Tenth Doctor

Rating: G

Word Count: 100

Spoilers: Nothing specific. Set between The Christmas Invasion and New Earth presumably.

Summary: The Tenth Doctor chooses a new outfit to suit his new regeneration.

Written For: Challenge #94: Footwear at fan_flashworks

Disclaimer: I don’t own Doctor Who, or the characters.

The TARDIS’s wardrobe was immense, thousands of outfits to choose from! He needed something that reflected his new personality, but still wasn’t quite sure what sort of person he was. He’d have to rely on instinct to choose.

The suit had style; on the smart side of casual, it made him feel ready for anything. He loved the way the coat swished around him. Something was missing though; he couldn’t save the universe barefoot.

Boots were too clunky, dress shoes too prissy, nothing was right until he spotted them. Red Converse sneakers, running shoes; what could possibly be more appropriate?

The End


Haha! Ten loves a swishy coat...just one thing he has in common with a certain immortal!
He shares that love with a few vampires too, lol! Swishy coats are cool!

Thank you!
I loved the 10th Doctors outfit, I had a ladies pinstripe business suit that I used to call my Doctor Who suit, no one in South Africa really understood that though LOL

Great drabble
Thank you! It really was a great outfit!

Yeah, if you're not into Who, such references would go right over your head!
It was a great outfit and running shoes are ideal for the doctor!
Great drabble :-)
Thank you!

My one review over on Teaspoon, from someone who's never reviewed anything of mine, pointed out that the Doctor only ever wore the red converse with the blue suit. He apparently wore white converse with the brown suit. So that's me put firmly in my place, lol!

Of course, I never mentioned the suit colour...
Running shoes are absolutely, definitely exactly what the Doctor should wear (although I think barefoot is absolutely a viable option).
As for the coat - all the best badass people wear long coats.
Well, it really depends what surface you might find yourself on - some thinks are painful for bare feet! Running shoes are a good all round option!

Thank you!
Depends on how tough and/or sensitive one's feet are. Maybe Time Lords don't have as many nerves in their feet as we do ;)
This is true. They wear shoes usually though, so Their feet must need some protection.
Very true, and well reasoned. I'm in a weird, over-think-everything mood today. Just ignore me.
LOL! I get that way when I'm writing, so fics often end up WAY longer than I intended, just because I feel like I have to explain everything!
That's the reason I sucked so badly at drabbles. And the reason I put so many footnotes into UT - all the things that wanted to be said but didn't fit in the narrative.

Ooh, footnoting drabbles. There's an idea. It's probably considered cheating if I have 400 words of footnotes? Or would they go with the science journals' rule that footnotes don't count?
LOL! Footnotes would probably count, sorry!