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Fic Of The Week - Week Thirteen

Amazingly, I didn't have any trouble getting through all 66,000+ words of Time Enough - probably due to feeling crap all week and not having the energy to do anything but read. Really great fic though, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of angst, sadness and boys not communicating, but a real sense of the team picking themselves up and carrying on at the end.

Back to two fics this week - a recent reel_torchwood fic and a much older one.

The first is milady_dragon 's The Ghost And Mr. Jones , 7 chapters of The Ghost And Mrs. Muir done Torchwood style. I love the film, so I'm excited to read this, even though it's taken me so long to get around to it.

Here's the summary:  After losing his wife, Ianto Jones and his son move to the village of Aberaeron and into the isolated Spitfire Cottage.  Soon he's dealing with clinging relatives...and the ghost of Captain Jack Harkness, the original builder of the cottage.  Little does Ianto know just how much of an impact the dead World War Two hero will have on his life. *bounces with excitement*

Chapter 1 is here:
Dreamwidth:  - Chapters are linked.

Fic number two for this week is a little 5-parter by lower_case_me , from way back in November 2006. It's called Containment and though it starts fairly mildly, by the end the author says it will be firmly in Adult's Only territory. The summary is short and to the point: A piece of alien tech causes chaos - but there's an important Author's note for Owen fans: Anything that might be construed as Owen-bashing is incidental, and will be made up for in subsequent parts. There's also no Ianto in Part 1, but the focus of the fic will be Ianto/Jack, so don't despair!

Part 1 is here: - Chapters aren't linked, but are in consecutive entries, so just click 'Next Entry' and you'll find the next chapter, or follow the links below...
Part 2: 
Part 3: 
Part 4: 
Part 5: 

Now that we've seen all that Torchwood has to offer, I find it great fun reading the early fics where little canon has been established and the writers can only speculate. There are so many things that could have been, but didn't happen on the show.

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