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Ianto has been knocked out of the contest

Sad to say, Ianto got knocked out in the quarter finals. On the bright side, voting stayed close throughout, the final tally being Ianto 47.94% and Spock 52.06% - that's really amazing when you think how long Spock and Star Trek have been around and how much more mainstream Star Trek is compared to Torchwood. We gave it our best shot, it wasn't quite enough, but it's shown that Ianto is still in our hearts and minds and that's a positive message to send out to whomever might be paying attention.

Jack is through to the semi-finals though, so support our captain!

Voting hasn't started on the semi-finals yet, possibly because there's a dead heat between Luke Skywalker and Arthur Dent.
Tags: ianto jones, jack harkness, real life

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