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Ianto Little Smile

October 2022



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Ianto Little Smile

Fic Of The Week - Week One Hundred And Forty Four

Despite the disappointing news of Ianto's loss to Spock in the quarter finals, I have rallied to bring you another very short fic for Fic of the Week. I simply don't have much time for reading right now, but I don't want to drop my weekly fic rec. At the end of the year, I might move to a fortnightly (every two weeks) rec to allow for reccing fics that are actually several parts long, but for the rest of this year it'll probably be short three or four chapter fics and possibly some longish one-shots. Nothing too big until I catch up with my reading backlog though.

With that in mind, this week's fic is a three-parter from January 2009 by the ever wonderful blue_fjords.

You Can Check Out Any Time You Like (But You Can Never Leave) was originally written for Day 13 of the Red is Our Color Challenge. It's set pre-Series one, has slight Jack/Ianto, and the team includes Suzie as it's pre-Gwen.

Summary:  The Team goes undercover searching for an alien murderer.  Some people get stuck in wardrobes.  Tosh is brilliant.

I think that says it all!

Part 1 is here. - Parts are linked.

Happy reading, everybody!


Personally, I think that poll was rigged, and I'll tell you why I believe that...

On Saturday, I went there and saw that Ianto was just a tad behind, so I voted him up past Spock. I went back later in the day, and tried to vote Ianto up again...and the percentages never changed despite the fact that I voted like twenty times. At first I thought it was just something jammed up, but when I checked back on Sunday, the percentages had not changed at all. I tried to vote Ianto up again, and the votes didn't change at all. I voted all throughout Sunday and nothing at all changed. The amount of times I voted should have put Ianto over Spock several times, but the numbers simply didn't change.

So, I tried an experiment. I went and voted up Luke Skywalker - who was being beating by Arthur Dent, really? - and the numbers changed. So, I went back to vote more Ianto, and once again the numbers did not change.

Now, I do realize there are people out there voting for Spock, but it's telling that Ianto's votes did not change at all despite it all, and Spock's didn't either. He was just enough ahead of Ianto to make it a close race.

I'm not usually a conspiracy theorist, but I honestly think the Radio Times didn't want Ianto to win. They wanted Spock, and somehow it was rigged that way when it seemed that Ianto was going to defeat Spock. Because, if Ianto won against someone as popular as Spock it would show the BBC that it was a mistake to kill him off. And, really, I don't think they want to admit that.

Of course I can't prove all this, but it seems curious that, no matter how many times I voted for Ianto, Spock still stayed ahead. The percentages simply didn't change, and they should have.

SO yeah, I truly believe this poll was rigged.
It's an interesting theory, though it could be that voting more than once just didn't count. BUT, I voted from two other old laptops of mine earlier and the percentages didn't change. Ianto did drop further behind by the close of voting though.

I don't know what to think, because I've always thought the Radio Times to be above that sort of thing. I do think that whoever set this up probably didn't expect Ianto to get so far in the contest. At the very least we've proved how popular he still is, and we certainly tried our best to get our Coffee King trough to the semis. If anyone was stupid enough to think that Gwen would beat Ianto, they were deeply mistaken!

Ianto did brilliantly, whatever the case. We kept him in the running, even against Spock, right to the end!

(We can't prove whether it was rigged or not, sadly. It'll be an interesting final though, Jack against the Doctor.)
You're right, there's no proof. But I do know on Saturday I voted Ianto up by a full percentage point, and Luke Skywalker up by about half, and the numbers did change.

It's just odd. I hate to call anything rigged or unfair because I like to think the good of people but it was really weird.

Oh well, you're right about one thing: Ianto got really far, and I doubt anything thought he would. It's awesome. :)
Rigged or not, we made our voices heard, loud and clear! Ianto made it to the final 8 out of so many and don't forget, he beat Rick Deckard in the first round!

Ianto Jones is loved ♥ =D