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Fic Of The Week - Week Fourteen

Fic number 2 last week was a bit gory, wasn't it? I spent most of the time worrying about Ianto. Still, everything worked out alright in the end. I'll admit I shed quite a few tears over The Ghost And Mr. Jones, such a beautiful story.

On to this week. First off, apologies to those of you who aren't fans of mpreg, because that's what this week's fic is. Sorry =S It was bound to happen at some point. (Yes, I know there was already an mpreg Fic of the Week, but that was Dragon-Verse which makes it a different matter for some reason I'm not entirely clear on, but in my head it makes sense.)

So, this week I bring you A New Life by zephyr592 . This one is 15 chapters in 17 parts and was originally posted in June 2008. Like I said, it's mpreg, so if you don't like, don't read this one - I'll make it up to you next week. Hopefully.

Summary: Jack and Ianto are in a loving relationship, but will something happen to break them apart?

It's rated FRAO (whatever that stands for), but from previous experience I'd say that equates to NC-17 - grown-up stuff, there may be smut (we can hope!) And that, of course, is all I know because I haven't read it yet either.

First chapter is here: but chapters are NOT linked. They are in consecutive entries though, so clicking 'Next Entry' will get you the next chapter. If anyone gets stuck, just ask and I'll post the rest of the links in the comments.

Those of you who enjoy mpreg as much as I do - Happy Reading!
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