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Fic Of The Week - Week Fifteen

For a while there, I didn't think I would get through last week's fic inside a week - that'll teach me not to pick such a long fic for a week when I know I have to go out! I made it though, and it was definitely worth the effort. It's good to know that several of you enjoyed it as much as I did =D

Anyone who knows me has probably already guessed what the first of this week's two fics will be - I am a confirmed addict when it comes to milady_dragon 's fics, especially the Dragon-Verse, and since a new Future Dragon-Verse fic has just been posted, I really didn't need to think about it, it just automatically went to the top of my To Read list!

For anyone out there who hasn't read it yet, it's called The Call Of The Last, it's 8 chapters and an epilogue, and is a crossover with Merlin.
Summary:  Jack's and Ianto's peaceful family life is disrupted when Ianto and their eldest daughter receive a magical call they are unable to ignore.  Drawn by that call, they find the Doctor and a young man having dreams of a past life. Now they must race to find Avalon, and rescue the Once and Future King from whomever has stolen his body...and rescue his soul, as well.

Chapter 1 is here on LJ: 
or on Dreamwidth: As usual, chapters are linked.

Fic two is again an older one. From April 2008, it's by the plotbunniesinc writing team of leofuller and the9thdoctor .

Refraction is fairly short, only 7 chapters, and is set after 'Reset', so expect Dead!Owen.

Summary: Ianto's had a lot of strange experiences recently – Falling for the repairman, becoming the subject of a betting pool at work and even spending time in another dimension.
This, though, is definitely the weirdest thing that has EVER happened to him... Both of him.

Well I'm definitely intrigued!

Chapter 1 is here: and chapters are linked.

I hope everyone will find something to enjoy here! Happy reading!

Tags: fic of the week, reading

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