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Want to stop your posts being taken by that website?

I'm not 100% certain of this, but it seems likely.

As everything with the tags 'fanfic', 'fan fic', 'fanfiction' or 'fan fiction' is being taken automatically, the simplest workaround seems to be to change your 'fanfic' tags to just 'fic'. The only entry from my actual journal that has been taken is the one deliberately labelled 'fanfic' and the only community that my headers have been re-posted from is torchwoodcoffee, coincidentally the only community I post to that uses 'fanfic' in their tags.

I'm thinking that the person or persons behind the website that's taking our posts, this one here: is not going to risk taking things just labelled 'fic' because of the risk of taking original fiction. Fanfic might be considered fair game, but if they start stealing and re-posting someone's original fiction they could get in trouble. Just a theory of course - especially since we don't seem to have any way of acting against the site to prevent what they're doing - but changing your tags might prevent further posts being taken.

I'm trying an experiment - I cross-posted yesterday's drabble 'Buffet Lunch' to torchwoodcoffee , but this time I only used the 'fic' tag, ignoring 'fanfic' and 'fanfic: drabble' which I would normally have tagged the entry with. Let's see whether or not it gets taken...
Tags: beware, idea, real life

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