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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Drabble: Memories Of Katie

Title: Memories Of Katie

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Owen, mentions Katie

Rating: G

Spoilers: Fragments mainly

Summary: Owen mourns Katie.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: For one of the prompts I didn’t get around to using for tw100’s challenge 292: Billboard Hot 100 last year. I’ve dug them out again to supplement the prompts I got from my f-list, just because there are still loads I wanted to use. Prompt at the end.

Young, beautiful and so full of life, Katie had been everything to Owen; his reason for living, the only person who loved him just the way he was, though he never understood what she saw in him. She said he was honest; he cut through the bullshit and took no nonsense from anyone.

Now she was dead, killed by an alien in her brain, and he was in Cardiff, working with a bunch of weirdos who hunted aliens.

He picked up the whiskey bottle. All he had left was Katie’s memory; he planned on drinking to it all night long.

The End

A/N2: Title used is ‘Drink To That All Night’


Poor Owen, he must have felt devastated after her death ...
I'm sure he did. I think he grieved for years, not letting himself move on, instead just jumping from one one night stand to the next.

Thank you!
Poor Owen I felt so sad for him in fragments he has had such a hard time of it.

great drabble.
It's no wonder he's such a mess after everything he's been through =(

Thank you!
Poor Owen. Fate really gave him a raw deal. I don't think he ever really got over what happened to Katie. It's why he fell so hard for Diane--he was still on the rebound, even though it had been years.

Lovely drabble.
Thank you. (Very appropriate icon!)

Owen is more damaged than the others in some ways. Ianto was able to move on after losing Lisa, Tosh seems to have dealt with her time as a prisoner, but Owen just seems to be stuck. Katie may have been the only person to really make him feel he was worthy of love - his mother certainly didn't - then he lost her. Diane was the rebound romance but everyone else has been just a warm body, no emotional attachment at all. Diane leaving the way she did didn't help either.
I feel so bad for Owen but it also emphasizes the similarities he and Ianto had in losing their loved ones to alien invaders. Both had vastly different reactions to those deaths, but yet were united in such horrific tragedies...

A good drabble...
I think despite his crusty exterior, Owen is actually much more fragile than Ianto, because despite the similarities in their experiences (and despite the fact that Ianto survived a massacre at Canary Wharf) he's the one who is able to move on and love again, while Owen, three or four years after losing
Katie, is still grieving and unable to move on. The one time he tries, the woman leaves him. Maybe it's because Ianto had more time to say goodbye to Lisa. I think Ianto was saying goodbye to Lisa from the moment he pulled her out of Torchwood Tower, in the back of his mind he already knew she was gone. Owen never really seemed to accept that he was losing Katie and when she died it was during surgery to save her. I don't know.
I totally agree but Owen has one other problem here. His oath as a doctor, I feel, hampered his recovery from Katie's loss too. It's hard for a caregiver to let go, especially when one is trained in the medical field. Losing my beloved Nana absolutely crashed my nursing training, as it happened during the holiday break. I couldn't face dealing with my chosen area of Geriatrics after losing her, but eventually it led me into other areas. I agree about Ianto too; there's no way, withe that massive amount of destruction and hearing those screams of conversion, that he could not have realized at some point that Lisa was already dead and he simply had an automaton with him. It had to be horrific for Owen to see that the surgery would not have saved Katie, no matter what was done.
I hadn't though of looking at things from the doctor POV, but you're right. Poor Owen.

I think with Ianto, the realization was probably subconscious; deep inside, he knew, but he was too driven by his need to save her for it to really register until after the cyberwoman was dead.
Um, I actually had the thought that in a way, all three - Jack, Ianto and Owen - are suffering in their own way from the loss of a loved one. For Jack, it was his brother and we know about Katie and Lisa. All three of these guys are tragic in their own ways and really deserved better. (Course, I was thinking that after having a bout with a toothache and monster headache...)
It's still a perfectly valid thought, they HAVE all lost loved ones, and then Estelle dies, which is another blow for Jack. They'e all been through so much =(

Hope the toothache and headache are gone.
Thank you! In a way, I think he's the most badly damaged member of the team. He's put up all these walls and defences to keep people from getting close to him because he doesn't think he'll survive another loss.

Arguably, Ianto went through the most traumatic experience with the whole battle of Canary Wharf and trying to save Lisa, but he was able to get past that and love again. Owen seems unable to.
Hugs poor Owen, if he'll let me.

Brilliantly and sensitively written.
Thank you! (Owen secretly likes the hugs, but he'd never let on, lol!)