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FAKE Drabble: Hate At First Sight - Sequel to 'First Meeting'

Title: Hate At First Sight - Sequel to 'First Meeting'

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Berkeley Rose, Dee, Ryo

Rating: G

Setting: Vol. 2, Act 5

Summary: Dee’s first impressions of Berkeley Rose.

Disclaimer: I don’t own FAKE, or the characters. They belong to the wonderful Sanami Matoh.

A/N: Written for hisoka44 who wanted to know what Rose’s first impressions of Ryo and Dee might be. I just couldn’t resist letting Dee have his say!

He’s Berkeley Rose, Assistant Director, New York State Police, and Dee really doesn’t like the guy. He’s superior and smug, with his too-well groomed hair and fancy threads that’re way too smart for a vacation. Hell, he even seems happy about the murders, talking as though they’re some kinda game laid on by the hotel just to entertain him.

Then there’s the way he looks at Ryo, predatory and intense… Typically, Ryo doesn’t even notice. How can anyone be so observant about most things and yet so totally oblivious to being hit on?

Dee smirks. Rose doesn’t stand a chance.

TBC in 'Natural Reactions'

Tags: commissioner berkeley rose, dee laytner, drabble, fake, fake fic, fic, fic: g, ryo maclean

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