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Fic: Choices - A tiny little ficlet.

So much for my New Year's resolution to post on my journal at least once a week!

Anyway, this silly, tiny little ficlet popped into my head this evening and wouldn't go away until I wrote it down. It's the first thing I've written that I've ever actually finished and it's embarrassingly short, but it wanted to be written, so here you go...

Title: Choices
Characters/Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Is it really necessary to point out that I don’t own Torchwood?
Summary: When is a choice not a choice?

Standing in the busy supermarket, Jack faced Ianto.

“They have blue, green, yellow, red or white,”
he said.

“Okay,” Ianto replied, “I’ll have a blue one.”

Jack frowned. “Not red?”

“What’s wrong with blue?” Ianto asked.

“Nothing, I suppose,” Jack grumbled, “It’s just, red suits you.”

"Jack, why did you bother to list all the available colours in the first place?”

“I just thought you’d like to choose.”

“So your idea of letting me choose is to pout until I pick the one you think I should get?”

Jack pouted. “Red’s your colour.”

Ianto rolled his eyes. “Jack, it’s a toothbrush! I’m not going to be wearing it!”


“Okay, fine, I’ll have a red one. Happy now?”

Jack’s smile lit up the whole store.

Sometimes, Ianto mused to himself, it was worth letting Jack get his way, just to see him smile like that.


Sorry, couldn't help myself!
And yes, I meant to try putting it behind a cut, but I've forgootten where I put the instructions sassysailorgirl sent me!
Tags: fic, fic: g, fic: one-shot, ficlet, fluff, humour, jack/ianto, torchwood, torchwood fic

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