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Cross Stitching Revival

After more than 18 months, I'm finally cross stitching again, it's such a pleasure to make something! Thought I'd share the finished results here - it will be nice to have a permanent record of what I've stitched as these are all destined to become birthday and Christmas cards.

First up - these two quickies are for my aunt and uncle's birthdays this year - like to do them matching designs, but I didn't get anything done last year. They're both in their 80s, so I can't afford to miss another year.

These are the first three of a set of six that I call Tartan Santas. The designs are brilliant and I might do a second set using different colours.

Star Santa - I really love the shape!

Tentacle Santa - how very Torchwood!

I love the Tartan background on this one and already have plans to use it as a background for some other small designs.

Chubby Sorceror Santa. He just reminds me of a wizard! I made a lot of mistakes on this one. No one else would no to look at it, but I know they're there so I'm not really happy with this one.

The three Santas are all stitched on 18 count fabric using one strand of thread, while the poppies are stitched on 14 count with two strands. To be honest, I prefer stitching on the higher counts (18, 20 or even 22 count) as I stitch better with one strand. I get in a tangle when I use two!

Tags: craft, cross stitch, real life

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