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Fic Of The Week - Week Twenty Three

Another week, another fic and for this week I've picked an early fic by the wonderful  lone_star_woman . So early, in fact, it isn't even on her journal, which means we must venture into the uncertain terrain of to find it!

The Thing About Love is just 12 shortish chapters and can be found here:  It's rated T and described as Hurt/Comfort/Romance.

Here's what the author has to say...

Author's note: This is AU Torchwood because the idea of dead Owen depresses me when there's so much fun to be had with live Owen, especially with his confused relationship with Rory. Basically, I reworked the story that inspired An Excellent Boyfriend into something that I am more comfortable with.

For those who want to read them, the short fic An Excellent Boyfriend can be found near the bottom of the author's Profile Page here: , along with the story which introduces the character of Rory,
Uncle Jack Harkness (quite long at over 18,000 words).

Hope everyone enjoys reading!

Tags: fic of the week, fic rec, reading

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