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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Drabble: Naughty Or Nice?

Title: Naughty Or Nice?

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack

Rating: PG-15

Written For: Challenge 320 – Bad Santa at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Jack takes role-play to a whole new level.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Ianto was working busily in the archives, filing, when two red-clad arms wrapped around him from behind and white whiskers tickled against his ear.

“Ho ho ho,” a sexy American-accented voice whispered as a hand slipped lower to grope him. “What do we have here, a gift for Santa? Tell me, have you been naughty or nice this year?”

“Seriously Jack? Are you planning on corrupting every childhood memory I have?” Ianto turned to see ‘Santa’ pouting.

“Just thought it might be fun.”

That pout got him every time. Ianto sighed then smirked wickedly.

“Oh, I’ve been very bad, Santa!”

The End


And now they are ours the memories ruined LOL 😁
Oops! Sorry!

They're both naked now, is that better? ;)

Thank you!
Oh yesssss much better 😉
May I have some pictures please? 😈
You'll have to use your vivid imaginastion I'm afraid - Ianto's turned the CCTV off, the meanie!
Ianto and Jack are just so good at being naughty. What was that saying about good girls go to heaven but naughty girls go every where.
The same applies to naughty boys! they'll certainly have fun ;)

Thank you!
Ianto's been very bad and needs to be punished. I bet Santa!Jack's just the one for the job. *laughs*
And Santa!Jack probably needs punishing too, lol!

Thank you!
Yes I am sure he has *snikker* great drabble.
And really, it's all Santa!Jack's fault, lol!

Thank you!
ROTFLMAO!!! This is the first time you got it wrong-it's IANTO who's taking the role play to another level!! Jack might be dressed as Santa, but damn if "Santa's little helper" isn't going to corrupt his own memories as deliciously as he can!
That's a good point, though Jack started it, lol!

At this point, Ianto might as well accept that everything he held dear will be corrupted so it's better just to enjoy it.

Thank you!

That pout needs to be listed as a dangerous weapon :)

(I would have commented earlier but LJ has been acting up the last couple of days)
It's right up there with Ianto's eyebrows, lol!

Thank you!

(It's being a menace here too - I can only access it on Google Chrome today, not on Windows Internet Explorer, which I usually use. My posting later today is going to be a mess because Chrome screws up my formatting on LJ. Yesterday, it wouldn't let me access my friends page, individual entries, or comments, just kept redirecting me back to the recent entries of any journal I was on.)
Ianto will say anything to get rid of that pout!

So true! It's Jack's most devastating weapon to use against Ianto, it always works!

Thank you!
Aww, that pout works every time! *giggles*
It's a lethal weapon!

Thank you!
Lol, very naughty :-)
Jack is a bad influence!

Thank you!