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Is anyone else finding it impossible to access their Friends Page?

I click on mine, see if for a few seconds, then it goes straight to my Recent Entries page. It's driving me NUTS!

If anyone has a new post up, sorry, but short of going through all my f-list's journals one by one, which I don't have time to do, it looks like I won't be seeing anything, at least for today =(

Just what has LJ mucked up now?

*wanders away grumbling*

ETA: It's worse than I thought! it won't let me look at an individual post, OR let me look at the comments to a post, which rules out participating at comment_fic until LJ fixes this, since I can't see any of the prompts. I don't know yet if I'll be able to leave comments either. So far the only good thing is that I can still post. Bloody LJ. Sometimes I wonder why I bother.
Tags: argh!, livejournal, real life

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