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Christmas Cards

Well, after working for all of half of yesterday on Windows Internet Explorer, LJ is once again inaccessible unless I use Google Chrome. How unhelpful. Can't believe I PAY to not be able to access my own journal on my browser of choice. I WAS thinking of paying to have more icons (I seriously need more icon space due to being active in more fandoms these days). Now I'm not sure it's worth paying out and stretching the budget for something I might not even be able to use much. I hate having to use different browsers for different sites, it makes everything fiddly. And I don't like posting to LJ using Chrome because it messes up my formatting even worse than Internet Explorer does, making the font really tiny so I have to adjust the size and keep checking the preview to make sure it's actually going to look readable when I post. *grumble*

Anyway, that's not the reason I'm posting. I wanted to say to anyone who's hoping for a card from me - if you've moved since last Christmas and haven't already given me your new address, please comment below or PM me. I'm screening comments on this post so no one else will see. I'll unscreen non-address comments about the other subject. Probably, lol!

Bear in mind, your card might not reach you until the New Year, because I'm not sure when I'll get them posted out. *rolls eyes* Christmas sneaks up on me every single year. Those who know me at all, know I am NEVER prepared, and this year is worse than usual owing to mum's declining memory and arthritis meaning I have to do all her Christmas preparations too. Twice the work and less time than usual to do it. However, I am stubborn, and I want to keep my own life ticking along as best I can. I'm not prepared to give up my few pleasures so there WILL be cards, I just can't guarantee when, lol! I found I had some part-done cards left over from last year, so amazingly it will be handmade cards again this year! YAY!

I'll delete comments after making a note of addresses as I think replying to them might un-screen them and leave them visible to everyone else. I'll reply first and I think you should still get the reply even though the comment is gone.
Tags: argh!, christmas, real life

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