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Overseas Posting

Yesterday, I managed to make it down to the post office, braving the cold and the crowds of holiday shoppers (being agoraphobic I don't like crowds), so all the overseas cards went in the post, YAY! If I have your address, there will be a card on its way to you. Whether they will arrive before the 25th is anybody's guess, our postal service is hit or miss and even when they get to the right countries, the cards will have to make their way through another postal service. It's a daunting journey for a humble Christmas card!

I'd appreciate if people would let me know when theirs arrives, that way I'll know how long they took to reach different destinations and I'll have a better idea of when to aim for posting next year. (I'll probably be late again anyway, of course. I'm never prepared for Christmas, lol!)

I also did rather a lot of shopping and spent too much, but food is necessary and we have enough to last for a bit, plus some holiday treats. I found I'd put mince pies on my list twice, so I decided that meant I should buy two kinds. I like my logic =)

I also, for reasons best known to my brain, bought a box of peppermint candy canes. What I intend to do with them I don't know. We're not having decorations so I have nowhere to hang them. Maybe I'll hand them out to visitors. I'm still trying to get rid of the last of the Halloween candy, lol! They looked festive though... I don't get out much, so when I do I'm prone to impulse buying - nothing massive, just silly things that I buy without thinking. I now have a Santa hat... Well, at least it'll keep my head warm!

Now I just need to rest and recover from my adventure. Right now I'm worn out, but at least I got things done.

I hope everyone else is better prepared for the holiday than I am!
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