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Fic Of The Week - Week One Hundred And Fifty Five

Here we are, Monday once more, and once again I've picked something short for Fic of the Week. Next year, I'm going to try doing this every two weeks to allow for some longer fics but for now, have a little two-parter from January 2008.

Something Exotic is another fic by that great writing team the9thdoctor and leofuller, better known as plotbunniesinc. I've chosen it because it sort of fits in nicely with my last drabble...

Summary: Ianto wrote "printer broken again – don’t cause trouble" on a post it note and stuck it on Owen’s desk
Ianto's job isn't exactly the most exciting thing he could be doing with his life, but it pays the bills. And with the printer constantly breaking down, Gwen might be getting stressed about the work they're not completing on time, but at least the repair guy is hot...

It has that office-y feel *grins*

Part 1 is here on LJ   (Part 2 is linked)

Or read it here on AO3

Well, that's all for this week! Got lots to do, so I'm off to get on with it all...
Tags: fic of the week, fic rec, real life

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