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Fic Of The Week - Week Twenty Five

Is it just me or are the weeks going by faster than usual? Seems like only yesterday I made the last post...

Okay, right, if I can make my brain cooperate, here is this week's Fic of the Week choice:

Mind Reading by miss_zedem . Now I know practically eveyone in the Torchwood fandom has probably already read this, but as everyone knows, I'm way behind so I haven't yet. Just in case there's anyone else as out of touch as I am, this is a 17 part fic originally posted back in January 2007.

Summary: Ianto thinks he's found a way to protect someone he loves, but is he hiding his agenda as well as he thinks he is?

The first few parts are set pre-series, but it seems the author added more a bit later, including a missing scene called Losing Control, which is here:

The series itself begins here: and parts are linked.

Rating starts at PG, but is mostly around 15, with a couple of forays into 18 territory, so not hugely smutty.

Happy reading, everyone!

Tags: fic of the week, fic rec, reading

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