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Tartan Santas - Second Trio

I finally got around to taking photographs, so hopefully, here are the other three Tartan Santa designs from the set of six I stitched. As with the first set, these are stitched with one strand of thread on 18 count aida.

First up is Long Santa. This one I've actually stitched twice - I sent him as a Christmas card to a friend a couple of years ago - but I wanted a full set so I stitched him again.

Next is Man In The Moon Santa. I like this one a lot because of the unusual shape, plus the Tartan background is syrprisingly enjoyable to stitch.

Last but by no means least is Green Man Santa - so called because the wreath of leaves around his hat reminds me of the Green Man of folklore. This is my favourite of all, but I messed up stitching him and left out one row of his beard - stitching white on white makes it easy to lose track of where you've got to. It meant I had to adjust a whole section of the backstitch on the beard so that it worked. It doesn't show at all, of course, but it was still annoying!

So there they are. I really enjoyed stitching them and I have plans to use the Tartan background pattern with some other small Christmas designs at some point, but using different colours.

Tags: craft, cross stitch

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