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Santa Elephants - Cross Stitch

Elephant Santas in Cross Stitch

These Elephant Santas were a bit fiddly to stitch because of colour changes, but I've stitched them all twice, as Christmas cards for my sister and a friend of Mum's, both of whom are elephant fanatics. There are actually ten in the set, but the others have all been sent over the previous few years, so the ones here are just the last six I needed to stitch to complete two sets.. As with the Tartan Santas, they're stitched on 18 count aida with one strand of thread. These photos are close-ups and are bigger than the actual size - each one is only 5cm tall and at most 5cm wide (Santa with his list is just 3.5cm wide).

I think they're cute!

Tags: craft, cross stitch

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