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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Ianto Little Smile

Drabble: Resolutions

Title: Resolutions

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Gwen, Owen, Ianto, Team implied.

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 324 – New Year’s Resolutions at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: It’s New Year’s Day at Torchwood.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: Apologies to my readers, but I’m not going to be posting a drabble every day this year. I no longer have a vast stockpile of them to post, so I’ll mostly just be posting the ones I write for the tw100 prompts and odd ones I write in between. This is because I have over 40 fics and ficlets in four different fandoms waiting to be posted and posting two pieces of fiction a day leaves me no time for reading, or much of anything else. I’m aiming for two Torchwood drabbles a week unless a prompt inspires me to write more, plus a FAKE drabble or two, and a couple of the fics, so we’ll see how that goes. I hope everyone will still enjoy what I write!

“Happy New Year everybody!” Gwen called out cheerfully, bounding into the Hub and throwing herself into her chair.

“You’re disgustingly chipper after last night,” Owen muttered, scowling.

“Well, unlike some people I could name, I drank sensibly. It’s my new year’s resolution,” she informed Owen with a smug smile. “So, anyone else make resolutions?”

“I resolved not to strangle annoyingly cheerful colleagues. Wish I hadn’t now,” Owen groused.

Gwen stuck her tongue out.

“I resolved to never make resolutions ever again,” said Ianto, distributing coffees.

“That’s the most sensible resolution I’ve ever heard! Cheers mate!” Owen grinned, raising his mug.

The End




I love Janto

Gwen is to happy after that party.
Owen is just himself.
So is Ianto.

I'm happy no matter what you print.
Don't forget;
Murray the rat.
If I forgot some one let me know.

FF is not updating at this moment.

Re: Resolutions

I've got some Nosy, Dizzy and Butterfly drabbles to come. I'll get to the others at some point.

ff.net is being a pain today, lol! I've had that problem too.

Gwen, I suspect, still feels all superior. i doubt her resolution will last. Owen will forever be Owen, and Ianto has the best ideas!

Thank you!


Re: Resolutions

I Love Janto

I didn't know if the first one went in or not.
That is why I rewrote the list.

Gwen always thinks that.
Even if we all know she is not.

If Owen changes, check for aliens.
Ianto is always right.

Re: Resolutions

That's the trouble with screened comments.

LOL! Owen is being nice - he must be possessed by an alien!

Ianto's wisdom is legendary!
That sounds good, Ianto!
Well, you spoiled us rotten for a whole year so you can rest a bit now ....
Ianto is way smarter than most people.

Just slowing the pace a bit to allow for posting other things, there will still be plenty to read, although it won't be Torchwood EVERY day. I'm still writing a lot of Torchwood and I have some WiPs I'd like to finish. Still plenty of ideas and plot bunnies.

Thank you!

Lol, I think you captured them all perfectly :)
*grins* Thank you! It's always encouraging to hear that, even now after I've written so many =)
I very much agree with Owen! Resolutions made on Sylvester often turn out to be pipe dreams - if you really want to start doing/quit doing something, you can start with that any day of the year. It's ones own resolve that does the trick in the end anyway - or not XD
I agree. I set myself writing goals at the beginning of a year, but I don't make resolutions because I tend to forget them.

Thank you!
I have to admit I find it hard to keep New Years resolutions so I seldom make them.

great drabble.
Same here. I sometimes set myself writing goals, but that's different somehow. Ianto has the right idea.

Thank you!
Even if its just one post a week, as long as you post, that's cool. I don't know how you manage to write so much and every drabble/story you post is always topknotch, ar least to me. You have incedible balance to be able to do that.

I agree with Ianto; I quit making resolutions long ago! :D
It'll be more than one, I just have such a backlog of non-drabbles that I can't get them posted if I post a drabble every day. I did what I wanted to do last year, I posted something and did some writing every single day for the whole year. I made 369 Torchwood drabble posts, that's more than one for each day. I posted 50 FAKE drabbles too. I didn't miss a single tw100 or fan_flashworks challenge (once I signed up to that), I got a blackout on my bingo card even though the bingo community imploded, I won my first Contest Week at fic_promptly, and have completed Challenge Week twice... Last year was insane but brilliant on the writing front. I'm not stopping the writing, just easing back a little on the posting and if I miss a day here and there, I'm not going to panic.

Thank you! *hugs*
I saw one of the FAKE drabbles but I'm not familiar with them or a lot of anime. Leave it to my son and I will be since he's heavily into all things Japanese at the present time. I wish you much luck but you are right on easing back a teeny bit.
I think I'm easing back gradually, since I don't think I've eased back at all so far, lol!

Can't be familiar with every fandom! I just got hooked on FAKE a few years ago thanks to a Torchwood/FAKE crossover fanfic. Back then I had no idea what a manga was; I've come a long way since then!
Ianto's a wise man. I make that same resolution every year! ;)
All my resolutions fail, so I don't make them now. My writing goals get left in the dust, I fly past them by miles!

Thank you!
Lol Owen is funny :-)

You're doing well with your resolution to post something every day! It's august and you're still going strong - which means I have about 150 fics to catch up on!
Owen can be counted on to be funny =)

Yeah, and a lot of days I've posted two - one Torchwood and one something else... Sorry? I have such a huge backlog still to post, and I just wrote another 43 during Contest Week. How am I going to post them all when I still haven't posted stuff I wrote last October?

Thank you!