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Fic Of The Week - Week Twenty Six

I'm late today, I know. So sorry. Mum forgot to pay the water bill - for two months! - and we got a final demand today, so I had to rush out and pay that, and of course she thought of a pile of stuff we needed from the shops, so I had to do that too. I was just getting rid of my latest migraine, so now of course it's come back. I don't think I like today much =(

Right, onto this week's fics. This week there are two and a bit...

First up is the short fic Disambiguation and its sequel, a 7 part series called Disambiguation: In These Stones. These are by the inimitable invisible_lift , always a pleasure to read! They're from August 2007 and January 2008.

Disambiguation is here: It's hard R or light NC-17, so... possible smut!
Summary: When the Rift shifts, Ianto finds himself caring for himself in ways he never expected. It's not long before he discovers that small mistakes can make a big difference, and that he might be the only hope for a Jack he's never met.

Disambiguation: In These Stones
Summary: Disambiguation is an AU that follows the exploits of a parallel Torchwood where the events of "End of Days" didn't go as smoothly as they do in canon. Features Andy Davidson as a member of the team. Picks up where the original Disambiguation one-off story leaves off, so you'll probably want to give it a look. Rating as in the original one-shot.

Part 1 is here: and parts are linked.

Fic number two for this week is an AU from November 2009. The Darian Con is 6 shortish parts, rated PG-13, and is by zsazsa4168 .

Author's Notes: AU: I wanted to write a TW fic as noir fiction in the tradition of Gardner, Chandler and Hammett. Except, I don’t like to write Jack when he’s too dark and morally ambiguous, or when his dark side brings painful dysfunction into his relationship with Ianto. We lived through that this past summer, right? So perhaps I’ve created a new genre, fluff noir? Hardboiled fluff? You people
and your quaint little categories.

Summary: Jack and Ianto are private dicks. Gwen Cooper hires them to find a stolen object. But all is not as it seems….

Part 1 is here: and as before, all parts are linked.

So there you have them - two fics and a little extra, they look good to me!

Happy reading, everybody!

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