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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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JB Weird

Drabble: Position: Impossible

Title: Position: Impossible

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Owen, Jack, Ianto

Rating: PG-13

Written For: Challenge 326 – Doctor’s Visit at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Ianto’s injured, so of course Jack calls Owen.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

“This better be good, Harkness!” Owen grumbled as Jack let him in. “I was busy when you called!”

“Sorry, it’s an emergency! I can’t leave Ianto like this! He can’t even straighten out!” Jack led the medic to Ianto’s bedroom, where the man in question was curled up on the bed, whimpering.

“What the fuck did you do to ‘im?”

“We were trying a new position,” Jack wailed, “I think I broke him!”

Ianto groaned, mortified.

A quick examination later:

“Just a groin strain; ice, rest and painkillers. And teaboy? Don’t ask ‘im to kiss it better!”

“Up yours, Harper!”

The End


Hilarious! Those guys are impossible, but that's how we love them. :D
*grins* I don't think the boys found it very funny! Their activities will have to stop while Ianto heals, poor boy. Jack really needs to be more careful with him!

Thank you!
I'm sure Jack will find some very safe and pleasurable activities for them while Ianto heals. He has so much imagination. ;D
His imagination seems to be what got Ianto into this state in the first place, lol!

Lol, I need an icon that says Do Not Bend in That Direction!

Poor Ianto.
Yep, I think Ianto needs to be carefully labelled. He's flexible up to a point, but humans aren't made to bend in some directions.

Thank you!

oh dear!

Jack is a very bad Jack for damaging poor Ianto! Avant garde is all very well, but people bend in certain ways and if you try to bend them in ways they're not designed for, it can result in painful problems. Jack has learned a valuable lesson. Ianto is bendy, but there are limits.

Thank you!
hee hee oh JAck what have you done? Hope Ianto will be ok
Ianto will heal and recover, it'll take some time but he'll be fine. He's not very happy with Jack at the moment though!

Thank you!
OMG, Ianto will kill Jack when he feels better. Wait until team Torchwood finds out that no Ianto no coffee. My new favorite line "I think I broke him!".
*grins* Thank you!

Yes, Ianto is seriously unhappy right now, but Jack will do his best to make amends. It just might take some time for Ianto to forgive him.
*grins* Thank you!

Poor Ianto needs lots of TLC and kissing better, Owen is a spoilsport
But Jack has magical healing kisses! *laughs*

Oh, poor Ianto, how embarrassing!
Ianto knows that, but Owen would rather not think about it, lol!

Ianto is very embarrassed indeed. Jack is just feeling guilty.

Thank you!
LMAO!!! First the glue, now the "pretzel"... Ianto should be ready to kill Jack about now...
Strictly speaking, the pretzel part came first, you're just reading them backwards ;)

Ianto is very long-suffering, but there has to be a limit to how much he can take before he snaps!

Thank you!
Whoops, sounds like the boys got a little too avant-garde there! ;D
Yeah, and now there will be no more playing until Ianto heals. That'll teach Jack to be more careful with him.

Thank you!
Do I even want to ask?
Poor ianto and his strained groin and injured dignity!
Probably best not to - Ianto would never tell anyway and Jack is too bust being frantic with worry.

Thank you.