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Fan Flashworks writers and the Fan Flashworks Social community

So, the Fan Flashworks Social Community is back in operation after the Christmas hiatus, but where IS everybody? I know there are a bunch of people on my f-list who write for the fan_flashworks challenges, so how about stopping by [community profile] ffw_social, joining in the chat, bouncing ideas around, getting help and advice from other members and having a bit of light-hearted fun? It's a zero-pressure place to just kick back and get acquainted with like-minded people, and we'd love to see you there!

I say 'We', because I've been recruited as the shiny new co-mod for the community, and I'll be in charge of the post that follows the next challenge, which will be somewhere around the 22nd of this month.

Meanwhile, the community is already open for chatting about the current challenge, or anything else you want to talk about; right now, the only people there are myself and my co-mod, so come join us, we're lonely, we crave interraction with others!

See you there?
Tags: fan_flashworks

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