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FAKE Fic: First Valentine – Part 1 - Valentine Planning - Dee

Title: First Valentine – Part 1 - Valentine Planning - Dee

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Dee, mentions Ryo

Rating: PG

Setting: After the manga.

Summary: Valentine’s Day is causing Dee problems.

Disclaimer: I don’t own FAKE, or the characters. They belong to the wonderful Sanami Matoh.

A/N: Double drabble for the prompt ‘Chocolate’ (I’m using a bunch of prompts I already used for Torchwood drabbles – this one’s a song title from the Billboard Hot 100 charts.)

A/N2: This was originally meant to be a one-off, but then Ryo wanted to do something for Dee, so I wrote a companion piece. Of course, then both of them wanted to give their gifts to each other so now I'm in the process of writing another part, which is going to be quite a bit longer than the first two. The general idea is to post the final part on Valentine's Day - if I can get it finished in time. Wish me luck!

Valentine’s Day’s approaching, and Dee’s got a problem. He knows what’s expected; fancy card, flowers, chocolates, dinner at a swanky restaurant… But that’s for chicks; he’s dated plenty of guys, but never celebrated Valentine’s Day with any of them.

With Ryo, it’s different. Dee wants to do this right, but what would someone like Ryo expect? Stupid question. There isn’t anyone else like Ryo.

Dinner’s not a problem; he’s booked a table at their favourite Sushi place. Can’t go wrong with that. But should he get a card? He studies the selection, appalled by how frilly and flowery they all are, even the ones for chicks to give their guys. He could always get one of the funny or filthy ones, but would Ryo be offended? Possibly. A lot of searching finally yields the perfect card, a simple heart that reads ‘My heart belongs to you’. It’s the truth, after all.

What about flowers? Maybe sunflowers in a pot would be better, something to replace the ones Bikky stole for Carol.

And what about chocolates? Ah, what the hell, why not? Those heart-shaped truffles look tempting and chocolate is supposed to be an aphrodisiac!

Valentine’s Day can’t come soon enough!

TBC in ‘Part 2 – Valentine Planning – Ryo

Tags: dee laytner, fake, fake fic, fic, fic: pg-13, fic: series, ryo maclean

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