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Ianto Little Smile

November 2019



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Film Star Smile

Drabble: Big Moment

Title: Big Moment - Companion piece to 'Wedded Bliss'

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Ianto

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 333 – Kiss at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Jack and Ianto get their perfect day.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

The day had turned out to be perfect in every way.

Jack had awoken to blue skies, sunshine, and a gentle, cooling breeze. He’d showered and dressed leisurely, checked in with the people manning the Hub, had breakfast, then put the finishing touches to his outfit. By the time his ride arrived, he was completely ready.

The venue looked beautiful, Ianto was predictably gorgeous, everyone was smiling happily. Finally, the big moment came.

“I now pronounce you husband and husband; you may now share your first kiss as a married couple.”

Jack didn’t need telling twice.

The cheers were deafening!

The End


*cheers* Yay, that would have to be the most wonderful day in the world *sobs* so beautiful!
*grins* Everyone was happy for them =)

Thank you.
I felt all warm and squishy reading it *giggles* so adorably sweet!
Warm and squishy is good, I love it when something makes me feel that way!
I like to feel warm and squishy at the moment ❤️ I don't feel great so the feeling is good :D
Yeah, I could use some warm squishiness myself. Mostly I just feel sad. =(
*gives you a squishy warm huggle* hope it makes you feel a little better!
It does. Thank you. I can be fine for hours, then I'll think of something and make myself sad by accident. I was listening to mum's favourite singer earlier and the words to every single song on the CD seemed to break my hard a bit more. I'm okay, sort of, but it's not easy.

Going to watch something about elephants now. That should cheer me up a bit.
I get that! I love elephants so enjoy *smiles* I'm still struggling with the fact my granddad isn't next to my grandma.... I still can't really believe it *sigh*
The elephants were wonderful!

I think it takes a long time to get over losing someone close to you.=, and it varies from person to person. There's no right or wrong way to mourn someone or to deal with grief because everyone is different. We each find our own way through the difficult times. Remembering the happy times helps though.
Brilliant *smiles* I love elephants they're brilliant and so beautiful!

I agree! I wrote a fic last night for once no prompts just a lovely song. Was my first properly planned Eleven, Amy fic! I really enjoyed it!!! It helped me as I'm feeling a bit down at the moment combination of everything. I'm leaving for England again tomorrow and excuse the quoting but I don't want to go... Not yet anyway! I hugely enjoyed it!

I need to remind myself that I'll be up again soon enough!
It can't be easy having family at both ends of the country, you always have to be away from someone. But you'll be visiting again before you know it.

They really are so incredibly intelligent. Wise too - especially the matriarchs.
It's very difficult but my dad's brilliant so he always tries to either come down or get me a flight up! Haha I'm a "daddy's girl" *laughs* but me and my mum are closer than we've ever been which is awesome!

Life's just difficult, but then again nothing we do is ever easy anyway is it?
I guess that's life. My parents divorced when I was 19, but he didn't move far away at first, so I got to visit him from time to time. When he moved further away and my health got worse, we kept in touch by phone, but we weren't all that close. Mum and I were always closer.
AWWWWWW I am sure that they were the happiest men on earth and the universe that day!
I'm sure you're right, and all their friends were happy for them too =D
Aww how lovely.

great drabble.
Thank you! They deserved the perfect wedding =D
Yay! I'm so glad they got their happy day. That was just so sweet. :)
Thank you! Writing happy, fluffy stuff is a good mood enhancer. Besides, they deserve to be happy =)
Aww, lovely! :D
Thank you, they deserved a special day!

Thank you.
*Melts into a puddle of goo*
That was so sweet and romantic and lovely and gorgeous and ... and... (too tired and melted to think of more)
And all in one hundred words :-)
Thank you! I hope the other part doesn't melt you completely!
Thank you! =D