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Rabbit News

Things haven't gone quite to plan for Misty the rabbit. He was fine yesterday morning, but later on he was a bit listless and uninterested in food - not unheard of, but he's usually full of bounce again again a few hours later. He was bouncier this morning, though still not eating, but I took him to the vet anyway to see if he was well enough for his dental surgery. It seems that in the six days since he was there for his boosters, the overgrown tooth had grown into his cheek and was causing some pain. He's been given painkillers and an x-ray to check what's what, they're trying to tempt him to eat though last I heard he still wasn't interested.

Anyway, he's staying at the vet's overnight and hopefully will be bouncy enough for surgery in the morning, so fingers crossed that everything will be okay and he'll be coming home tomorrow, minus another tooth but comfy, happy and healthy again. He's getting on for eight years old, not a bad age, and aside from the tooth problems he's generally a very healthy rabbit. I'm still worrying though, I do every time he has his teeth done because of the anaesthetic, there's always a risk.
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