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Rabbit Update

I just phoned the vet to find out about Misty. He's still refusing to eat or drink, so George is going to try to force feed him in a bit. He needs to be eating and everything before they'll do the surgery, not sure why, but I guess rabbits are not like people when it comes to their inner workings. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that he will be okay and that they will be able to do the surgery soon. I just wish I'd booked him in for a day or two sooner, then he would already have been done. It's just that we all wanted to give him a few days to get over the side effects that sometimes come with the booster injection he had so we settled on Wednesday, 6 days after his booster. Hindsight isn't helpful at all - if I'd known then what I know now... All this is going to eat into my savings. I think I'll take my cheque book!
Tags: pets, real life

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