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September 2023



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Drabble: De-Clawed - Sequel to ‘Friends’

Title: De-Clawed - Sequel to ‘Friends

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Tosh, Jack, Team.

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 335 – Feline at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: The end of Ianto’s catification.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

‘How much longer?’ Ianto painstakingly typed on Tosh’s keyboard with one paw.

“I think I’ve almost figured it out, but first I want to test it on something that’s not you. I don’t want to make things worse.”

Purring, Ianto rubbed his head affectionately on Tosh’s arm. He’d be seriously embarrassed about that later. ‘You’re a true friend,’ he typed.

“I try.”

Ah hour later, testing complete, Tosh pointed the device in Ianto’s direction and pressed a sequence of buttons. There was a bright flash and then everyone got a flash of Ianto Jones.

Blushing, he fled, dignity gone again.

TBC in ‘Back To Normal?


Poor Ianto! His dignity is constantly taking a beating isn't it? I'm sure Jack didn't forget to have clothes ready for him on purpose.... :D
Jack has a good - and even plausible - excuse ready ;)

Ianto's dignity is looking very battered.

Thank you.

Flash is certainly the apropo word, lol!

That's what I thought ;)

Thank you.
I guess that's kind of a given that working for Torchwood you will loose your dignity lol.

glad Ianto is back to normal.

great drabble.
It certainly seems true for Ianto!

Thank you.
Poor Ianto! But then Torchwood has always been bad for the dignity.
Especially for Ianto's. He never has much luck with it!

Thank you.
OMG flash me, Ianto ! ☺ Where's Jack?
Ogling Ianto along with the others. Ianto's well worth ogling.

Thank you.
Hahaha well yes Ianto's dignity is well and truly smashed into little pieces!
Poor boy, it always happens to him!

Thank you.
Hehe, poor Ianto and his battered dignity!
(and lucky team, lol)
Ianto's dignity is being held together by safety pins at this point, poor boy.

He makes a great flasher though ;)

Thank you!
Whoops! At least he's not a cat anymore. ;)
Completely de-furred along with the de-clawing ;)

Thank you!