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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Drabble: Off The Menu

Title: Off The Menu

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack, mentions Owen.

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 336 – Junk Food at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Ianto is concerned about Torchwood’s eating habits.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Frowning, Ianto gathered up yet another stack of empty pizza boxes destined for the recycling bin.

“We’ve all been eating way too much junk food lately,” he commented. “If the trend keeps up, we’re going to start looking like pizzas.”

“Round and delicious?” Jack asked.

“No; crusty and cheesy with too much fat.”

Jack looked down at himself, suddenly worried. He’d gone up a notch on his belt recently; that was probably from excess pizza.

“Okay, point taken. I guess a healthier diet couldn’t hurt.”

“Good, that’s settled. And Jack?”


“You can break the news to Owen,” Ianto smirked.

The End


hehehe yeah leave that job to Jack! Good thinking ;) I love pizza! It's like something I only have once in a while but... mmmmm *giggles*
Pizza is just another of those things I can't eat - along with about 80% of other foods =(

Jack's the boss, he should have all the unenviable jobs.

Thank you.
Oh no! I adore pizza hahaha he is so yes I agree he should be left with those jobs!

Ahahahaha - a sobbing Owen is not a pretty sight :)
Jack will have to forcibly separate him from his pizza.

Thank you.
Better make sure all the scalpels are locked away when you tell him, Jack!
Always wise to make sure people are unarmed when you give them bad news.

Thank you.
OOH Owen wont take that well.

great drabble.
You're probably right, which is why Jack gets to tell him, lol!

Thank you.

Lucky that Jack is immortal. It might come in handy having to break that kind of news to Owen...

That's pretty much what Ianto was thinking...

Thank you.
Jack is going to have to pry the pizza boxes from Owen's cold, dead hands!
LOL! Owen won't give it up easily, that's for sure.

Thank you!
Oh no!!! Don't get between Owen and his pizza! Cardiff would never survive! Although I thought Ianto ate a lot of pizza too. & not enough vegetables. Has he changed his eating habits recently? :)
Ianto used to eat a lot of pizza but after the cannibals, he started to see the appeal of veggies, and then after the space whale, meat started to look less appealing...

Now Ianto is realising he hasn't been eating healthily and it's affecting him, so he wants the whole team to change their diet, that way he won't get tempted to fall back into old habits and the team will be fitter too. Owen might take a bit of persuading though, which is why Ianto's leaving that task to Jack.

Thank you.
Now I want pizza but I have to watch my diet, too *wah* XD ;)
I feel your pain. I can't have pizza either, but I just have to be careful what I eat because too many things don't agree with me. Including a lot of what's in the average pizza.

Thank you.
Hehe, that's going to be a fun conversation. Though as the doctor I'm sure Owen will see the sense in it.
I wouldn't count on it, Doctors are good at prescribing but not so good at following their own advice.

Thank you!
Oh sure, make Jack do it! *giggles*
Well, if Owen kills Jack, it won't stick!

Thank you!