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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Drabble: Being A Team

Title: Being A Team

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Team Torchwood

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 338: Bond at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: They don’t have much in common, but they stand together.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

They were five people with very little in common besides working for the same organisation. The differences in their personalities, their ways of thinking and their behaviour towards each other frequently caused friction, while their attitudes towards the things they encountered were often at odds. Most of the time they couldn’t even agree on what to have for lunch, never mind anything else.

But when the chips were down, they stood shoulder to shoulder, defending the people of Cardiff, and protecting each other.

At the end of the day, they were a team, and the bond they shared was unbreakable.

The End


This is just sooooooo true!
Thank you, M! *hugs*
What a beautiful and perfect analogy of Torchwood.
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it =D

It's so true, but perhaps it's their differences that make them so good at what they do.

There's certainly an element of that, though I think they should try to be a bit less antagonistic towards each other and a bit more understanding. Gwen and Owen especially.

Thank you.

This is a great prompt, isn't it? I still have a couple more ideas to write =)

Yup, stayed tuned for more Moore, I can't just leave him sitting in a cell at Torchwood LOL!

I noticed! I'll read that as soon as I can, but it's my turn doing the ffw_social post for the new challenge, then I have to write something for the challenge myself... Sometimes, writing doesn't leave me much time for reading, I'm way behind!

So, can I tempt you to join fan_flashworks? It's fun, you can earn pretty badges!

Or how about hopping on over to dreamwidth and checking out fic_promptly?

I'm not surprised you're behind hun! I don't know how you find the time for it all!
I found TW100 by accident and its been awesome. 100 words doesn't require too much time or creative committment on my part. Usually an idea or two spark on Tuesdsy when I get the new challenge and then next thing i know it's Saturday and I think oh crap, i havent written anything! Deadlines work for me though!
Not sure if I have the creative capacity for longer fandom pieces (she says lookjng forlornly at the 40k fic that's been around for nearly two years and is only half finished...) but since the last few challenges have resulted in six part drabble chains, maybe I'm not a million miles away. Besides, once a challenge gets in my head it eats away at me til I do something about it.
Might not have time to attempt the Refusal Challenge but maybe have a go at the next. Loved your UFO entry!

The beauty of fan_flashworks - well, there are several really - a new prompt every 10 days, all media accepted, all fandoms welcome, and written pieces can be any length, so if you want to write drabbles, that's fine, but if you want to write something longer you can do that too. Plus. there are regular amnesty rounds where you can post anything you didn't get finished in time for a challenge or just try one of the earlier challenges. And you can write as many or as few pieces as you want for a challenge. I think my most has been three for one challenge.

fic_promptly is a writing only challenge, like comment_fic in some ways, so again, any fandom, any length, leave prompts, fill prompts, no deadlines, except during Challenge Weeks (just had one of those) and the insanity of Contest Week (next one at the end of this month). I love Contest Week, but it completely takes over my life. Fill as many lonely prompts as you can over a week, while completing daily challenges. I wrote 42 for my first Contest Week and 45 for my second, and I still haven't posted them all to my journals yet, lol!

Writing keeps me sane these days. I have a ton of WiPs that I can't seem to get back to because I'm so busy with new challenges, but I love it!

I'm enjoying having real competition at tw100 these days, I think you've beat my score the last couple of weeks. I've only written 10 this week, and with last week being Challenge Week, I wrote 7 ficlets as well as my drabbles... I suppose they WILL all get posted here eventually, I think I have a backlog of nearly 100 to post *grins*

Glad you liked the UFO one!

Inspiring as always! As Ianto said, it I didnt realise we were in competition. Just joking! Glad you are enjoying it!
It feels a bit insane writing that many. I just can't let go of things sometimes! And its cheaper than therapy. Who wants to diarise their feelings and spend even more time mulling over them when i can do something creative instead? Mind you, when I'm feeling low, the fics do tend towards that end of the spectrum. Then I read about Owen turning into a donut and that makes my day, lol.
Contest week sounds perfectly insanely fun. That'd be just the sort of crazy challenge that would suck up my life and spit me out deliciously happy.
Wrote a short piece earlier about Owen and Dianne that would slot in nicely with the Refusal prompt. Then its back to work tomorrow for an 8 hour hiatus until the next challenge! :)

Well, more like friendly competition, because it encourages me to write more and that's always good. I like a challenge. It's so easy to write just one drabble and think 'That's another challenge over with'. You're helping keep my word count up for this year. I doubt I'll beat last year's total, but every little bit helps.

Writing is WAY better than therapy. I don't get out much for health reasons, so writing keeps my mind occupied and distracts me from gloomy thoughts. Plus, I get to interact with other people who like to write, which is always good.

Contest Week is just wild. I came first on my first time, but only third the second time even though I wrote more fics! The winner wrote over 60! It's a blast, but because it's on dreamwidth and not LJ, there are fewer people there leaving prompts I can use. I have to fill my own prompts sometimes! Don't forget to sign up with ffw_social on dreamwidth is you can. I'm a co-mod there and it's my turn to make the chat post. Still haven't finished that but I should get it up later today. I hope.
So true.
They are a family. They might not always agree, and they might not always get along, but blood is thicker than water. They are always there for each other.
There are when it counts at least. The rest of the time they squabble like siblings!

Thank you!