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Rec Lists

For a while now, I've been sending out rec lists of short (well, one-shots of varying length) Torchwood fics to a couple of my LJ friends, just fics I've stumbled across and really enjoyed in my continuing effort to catch up with everything I missed by not having internet before the end of 2008. (Plus everything I didn't get around to reading when it was first posted, due to lack of time).

So I was wondering - would anyone else be interested in the recs? I could either email them directly as a text document with titles, rating, author and a link you can cut & paste into your browser (if you'd like that, just PM me with yor email address), or maybe make an occasional rec post with the same information. After all, it seems a shame not to share.

So, what do you guys think?

Tags: fic rec, reading

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